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"You are not overweight, you only have reserves for emergencies" An endomorph

has also had problems for a long time to reach the value recommended by the BMI

calculator, namely to lose enough kilos. With the age dependent table, however,

endomorphic people have almost no motivation to lose weight, because - even if

they are visually overweight - according to the BMI calculator, this is far

from being the case, but merely carrying the weight reserves required for the


We had already discussed the problem of the mesomorphic person who likes to do

weight training. The bodybuilder will always annoy the BMI calculator because

he is severely overweight - and wants to stay that way.

This data does not

influence the result - your personal BMI - and is only used for evaluation so

that the BMI calculator can tell you whether you are overweight or underweight

So the only factor that

could change your BMI would be an amputation.

10 reasons why the calculator is pointless There are therefore many reasons -

and at least 10 - why the BMI and the BMI calculator are best left aside:

The BMI or the formula of the BMI calculator was developed by Adolphe Quetelet

in the early 19th century . He wasn't a doctor, nor a fitness trainer. He was a

and explicitly stated that the BMI was not suitable for making

statements about the body fat percentage of a person, but was only there to be

The BMI is

scientific nonsense. There is no plausible reason for squaring a person's

height to be able to estimate their weight. Quetelet came up with the formula

simply because he couldn't find any other way to present the existing data

well. The BMI ignores the waist size - and that's exactly a pretty good

indicator of a person's overweight. The BMI ignores the characteristics of a

person's muscles, so that bodybuilders, but also simply trained people with

strong muscle tone, always have a higher BMI than people with less weight but a

higher percentage of body fat. The BMI ignores the different body types and

assumes an untrained average person. The BMI is not suitable for ectomorphic

people and classifies them too quickly as underweight. The BMI uses the age-

dependent table to ensure that some actually overweight people believe that

they are of normal weight. The BMI allows older people to weigh more than

younger people - and, as is well known, older people have a higher percentage

of body fat than younger ones, so that especially in older people, the

measurement of body fat percentage would be more important than the BMI

determination. The BMI does not help to care for healthier people, because even

doctors mostly follow the BMI, i.e. do not use any methods to determine the

specific body fat percentage. The BMI dates from the early 19th century, has no

So we believe in a 200 year old

construct that can tell us whether we are overweight or not. BMI

calculator: just a rough guide You can of course use the BMI calculator for a

rough estimate of your weight. However, the BMI calculator will not be able to

tell you whether you are carrying too much body fat and therefore a health

risk, despite the ideal BMI.

Distance education as a holistic nutritionist Are you interested in what's in

Lemon garlic cure If you want to intensify the effect of the lemon water, you

can also take the lemon as part of the lemon-garlic cure. Here you not only

benefit from the positive mechanisms of action and vital substances of the

lemon, but at the same time you will benefit from the detoxifying properties of

the garlic . 

Do you want a healthy life for yourself, your family and others? Dietitians are

popular - but counseling often neglects the holistic aspect that is needed for

sustainable health. At the Academy of , get to know the connections

The Academy of trains interested people like you to become a

holistic nutritionist in around 16 months . Order the free information brochure

here .

Is this article worth reading?

Should I brush my teeth before or after the lemon water? Fruit acids make the

tooth enamel vulnerable for a short time, which is why you shouldn't brush your

teeth immediately before or immediately after drinking lemon water (and eating

fruit or other acidic food) .

Brush your teeth 30 to 60 minutes apart after drinking lemon water.

cannabis sativa, cbd produkte, cbd öl, cbd öle,

Should you really drink the lemon water every day? During a cure with lemon

water, you drink it every day. However, this does not mean that you have to

drink the lemon water permanently for a lifetime.

cannabidiol cbd, cbd tropfen

We recommend a course

application of two to three weeks. In between, you put one more week break, not

least because it still many other purifying and detoxifying action are more,

that can be used alternately.

Urology 69.6 (2007): 1013-1016. Vazouras KG1, Partheniou J,

ID, and prevention of severe allergic rhinitis and

following long-term lemon juice use: a case report", Cases J., 2009, (The

relief and prevention of severe allergic nasal and following

suppress diet-related overweight by the mRNA expression of the

in? -Oxidation in mice in white adipose tissue) Teves SA et

al., "Lemon juice as a natural biocide for disinfecting drinking water,

Bulletin of the Pan American Health Organization, December 1994, (lemon juice

as a natural biocide for disinfecting drinking water)

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