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What triggered the protests in several American cities?

The frustration that America is slowly changing in terms of police violence.

The drop that overflowed the barrel? A cell phone video that brutally showed

how one-year-old African-American George Floyd died in police custody in

Minneapolis last Monday. Local authorities reacted quickly and released all

four officers involved in the arrest of Floyd. Derek Chauvin, a one-year-old

white policeman, was charged with murder and manslaughter. In the eyes of young

African Americans in particular, the violent death of Floyd is another example

of the special legal status that police officers in America enjoy - and which

particularly affects people with dark skin tones.

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Video thumbnail Why have the protests escalated?

In Minneapolis in particular, the police were initially overwhelmed by the

violence of the protests. Law enforcement officers have therefore responded

disproportionately to the largely peaceful demonstrations. This created chaotic

forces in the scene: there were riots and looting at night in numerous US

People who are not interested in peaceful demonstrations also took

President Donald Trump's government has already claimed that the protests

are controlled by left-wing extremists ("Antifa"). There is no evidence of

this, also because “Antifa” is an extremely loose network of activists in


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How has President Trump responded to the protests so far?

In a first step, he condemned George Floyd's death and expressed his

condolences to the relatives. His tone has changed since the protests

escalated. Trump claims that the protests are being used by his political

He also urges the armed forces to take tough measures:

On Monday evening, he said that local governments would look like "idiots" if

they "didn't show dominance."

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And what do leading democrats say about the protests?

School lessons from cbd oil. June in Cbd Oil Bio: Elementary schools are

withdrawn to full classes, easing is turned for vocational and middle schools A

St.Gallen elementary school is teaching how bald people become full classes

In the case of vocational and middle schools, the size of the teaching

classes depends on the spatial skills. The St.Gallen Department of Education

demands that the federal government at the beginning of the school season / the

prerequisites for the relationship management concepts.

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The half-class lessons and the St. Gallen elementary schools are oil from cbd.

June is a thing of the past. After four weeks of half-class tuition, the

elementary school in the CBD Oil Bio is starting from the CBD Oil. June

scheduled for full-class tuition. As the St. Gallen State Chancellery wrote in

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