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In addition, however, the researchers stated that mushrooms always contain

certain amounts of vitamin D3, which of course could also have contributed to

the positive study result.

* You can find recommended vitamin D supplements here under this link

Vegan vitamin D3 from lichen and mushrooms Most vitamin D3 preparations are

still made on the basis of lanolin (wool wax from the wool of sheep) and are

therefore not vegan. In the meantime, however, there are also vegan, i.e.

purely plant-based vitamin D3 preparations, as vitamin D3 can also be found in

lichens and some mushrooms, so that these non-animal sources can now be used

for the production of vegan vitamin D3 and discussions are taking place have no

need for "better" or "worse" vitamin D.

Vitamin D, the bone vitamin and sun hormone Vitamin D is also known under the

terms bone vitamin or sun vitamin. The former because it is important for bone

health, the latter because it can be produced by the body itself with the help

of UV radiation. Sometimes you also read sun hormone, which is because vitamin

This means that it has to be taken in with

food and cannot be produced by the body itself. With vitamin D it is (ideally)

the other way around. We cover the majority of our vitamin D requirements

through our own production (= endogenous synthesis) with the help of the sun

and only a small part is taken in through food. Because the vitamin D content

of the usual foods is usually far too low, so that you can almost never meet

your needs with it.

Vitamin D is produced in every cell in the body Until a few years ago it was

still believed that the active form of vitamin D was formed with the help of

sunlight only with the help of the liver, kidneys and skin.

Thanks to the American researcher Prof. Michael F. Holick, professor of

medicine, dermatology, physiology and biophysics as well as discoverer of the

active form of vitamin D, we now know that apparently every single cell in the

body has the ability to produce active vitamin D - a another indication of how

important the vitamin is.

This is how vitamin D is built up in the body The active vitamin D3 is built up

in the body in several steps:

Step 1: First, a vitamin D precursor is produced from cholesterol in the liver

and transported into the skin.

Step 2: Sun exposure of the skin produces the prohormone or provitamin D3 (

cholecalciferol). The warmer the sun shines on the skin, the more vitamin D3 is

formed - but only up to a certain value. An overdose of vitamin D through sun

Cholecalciferol is the form of vitamin D that is also consumed with dietary

If you

were to take the active vitamin straight away, the risk of overdosing would be

much easier. However, if you take cholecalciferol, the body can choose how much

of it to activate.

Step 3: Vitamin D3 is now brought from the skin to the liver, where it is

converted into calcidiol (= 25-OH-vitamin D3 or also called 25-hydroxy-vitamin

D3). This form of vitamin D is stored in adipose tissue and circulates in the


Calcidiol is also measured in vitamin D tests to determine vitamin D levels,

but it is still not the active form of vitamin D.

. It is

called calcitriol or 1,25-OH-vitamin D. To control the calcium balance, this

conversion takes place mainly in the kidneys, depending on the calcium level in

the blood.


calcidiol can also be converted into the active calcitriol by every single cell

in the body - regardless of the calcium level.

Step 5: Calcitriol can now fulfill its typical vitamin D tasks by docking with

Vitamin D Forms in the Body: Summary The whole thing again in a nutshell:

Cholecalciferol is taken with food or supplements, or is made in the skin

thanks to exposure to sunlight. Calcidiol (25-hydroxy vitamin D3) can be stored

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