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Your doctor may also prescribe ointments containing cortisone . For example,

they contain prednisolone or hydrocortisone acetate. These agents inhibit the

immune system, which counteracts inflammation in the anus. Use cortisone

ointments only as long as your doctor has recommended. Used for a long time,

they can lead to skin atrophy. This means that the skin becomes irreversibly

thinner and therefore more vulnerable. In addition, cortisone ointments favor

fungal infections in the intestine .

Witch hazel in hemorrhoids

Preparations with witch hazel can relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Local anesthetic

Local anesthetics also help against itching and pain. These anesthetize the

affected area locally so that the patient no longer feels pain. Examples of

local anesthetics are benzocaine, cinchocaine and lidocaine .

Like cortisone ointments, local anesthetics may only be used for a short time.

The reason: they can cause allergies. If you have previously had an allergic

reaction to local anesthetics, you should tell your doctor about this before

starting hemorrhoid treatment.

Application of medication

The ointments can be placed directly in the anus using an applicator.

Alternatively, you can spread the ointment on a compress and use it as an


Some active ingredients are offered as anal tampons . These are suppositories

They remain in the anal canal and release their active

ingredient there. Conventional suppositories, on the other hand, release their

active ingredient in the upper parts of the intestine.

Be careful with laxatives!

Bowel movements can be very painful if you have hemorrhoid disease and cause

However, only use laxatives after consulting your doctor.

Some preparations only help against constipation for a short time and make the

intestines sluggish with prolonged use. This creates a new constipation.

Hemorrhoids become blocked, iced up or pinched off

Mild hemorrhoids (especially grade 1) are often obliterated. To do this, the

doctor injects desolating substances in the area of ​​a hemorrhoid, for example

The blood flow into the hemorrhoid is blocked, the tissue

shrinks and solidifies. If done

correctly, it is painless for the patient. To treat all enlarged hemorrhoids,

however, several procedures are usually necessary.

Another option is to freeze the hemorrhoids with laughing gas or liquid

nitrogen. Doctors speak here of cryohemorrhoidectomy . Similar to infrared

coagulation, the chances of success are not very high.

The "binding" of the hemorrhoids offers better chances of success: rubber band

ligation or hemorrhoid ligature . The doctor sucks in individual hemorrhoids

The patient generally does not feel any pain.

The tissue dies due to the interrupted blood supply. The hemorrhoid falls off

Bleeding may occur. Hemorrhoid treatment using a rubber

band ligation is particularly carried out for 2nd degree (sometimes also 3rd

degree) hemorrhoids.

Operate hemorrhoids

The last option for hemorrhoid treatment is classic hemorrhoid surgery. The

hemorrhoids are cut out completely. This hemorrhoidectomy is indicated if the

symptoms cannot be alleviated with other treatment methods (such as

sclerotherapy ). Grade 3 and 4 hemorrhoids also often need surgery.

The hemorrhoidal tissue

can be removed using scissors, a scalpel or a laser. In some procedures, the

surgical wound in the rectum is sutured in whole or in part, in others it

remains open.

Modern methods of hemorrhoid treatment

They are considered gentler than a classic hemorrhoidectomy. An example is the

stacker operation according to Longo :

It is suitable for 3rd degree hemorrhoids: These are hemorrhoids that have

protruded from the anus (prolapse), but can still be pushed back easily. During

the procedure, a strip of the anal mucosa above the hemorrhoids is punched out

using a special stapler. Then you "pull" the collapsed hemorrhoids back into

Patients usually

need less painkillers afterwards and can leave the hospital earlier. However,

there are also disadvantages, including the increased risk of relapse: after

longo surgery, new hemorrhoids form more quickly and more frequently than after

Read more about the therapies

Read more about therapies that can help here:

Hip bath


Hemorrhoids: home remedies

As a hemorrhoid patient, you can do a lot for your suffering yourself. For

example, you can take hip baths with anti-inflammatory tannins to relieve

To facilitate bowel movements, you can take

flaxseed along with plenty of fluids.

The various home remedies and advice are sometimes enough to make mildhemorrhoids go away.

But they also make sense for more advanced hemorrhoids:

they can alleviate the symptoms and support medical treatment.

Stabilization tapes

Between the vertebral arches - from the second cervical vertebra down to the

first sacral vertebra - there are ligaments made of elastic connective tissue (

ligamenta flava) that stabilize the spine together with muscles. Their

thickness increases from top to bottom.

These ligaments of the spine each begin laterally in the interior of the spinal

canal in the front area at the level of the articular processes, then pull

backwards to the spinous process, where they meet and delimit the

intervertebral hole (foramen intervertebrale) to the rear.

The spinal canal

The hole in the bony ring of the vertebrae is the vertebral hole. All vertebral

holes together form the vertebral canal (canalis vertebralis), in which the

spinal cord (medulla spinalis) with the surrounding spinal cord skins runs from

the brain down to the sacral area. The spinal canal is getting narrower from

top to bottom because the spinal cord inside is getting narrower as well.