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Suchen Sie Hilfe Mit Angst? Probieren Sie Diese Ideen Aus! 

Viele Menschen haben den Eindruck, dass sie dazu bestimmt sind, ein 
Leben zu führen, das von Angst konsumiert wird, aber nichts könnte 
weiter von der Wahrheit entfernt sein. Die Tipps und Techniken, die 
in diesem Artikel diskutiert werden, werden Ihnen helfen, Ihre 
Symptome in den Griff zu bekommen, und Ihr Leben wieder fest auf 

Wenn Sie sich unten fühlen, bejubeln Sie sich mit Ihren Lieblings-

CBD Oil - Effects, application and studies CBD Oil - positive medical effects 
without intoxicating effectCBD oil 

The cannabidiol (CBD) contained in CBD oil is a well-known Cannabinoid and is 
extracted from the female cannabis plant. A Taking CBD oil does not lead to 
psychoactive effects like THC. Therefore, CBD oil is legal, is being researched 
by many experts and can be can be bought without any problems. According to 
various studies, cannabidiol has some has positive medical effects and offers 
relief from various complaints. 

Due to the late discovery, the medical use of the two most famous cannabinoids 
in the last century did not play a major role. This has changed with the 
successful decoding of the structure. This means that the different active 
ingredients of the hemp plant for modern medicine has become interesting. The 
cannabidiol has a low psychoactive effect and unlike THC, does not make you 
"high". For this reason, the cannabinoid does not have the same legal 
restrictions as THC and is used in used in many areas. The hardly psychoactive 
CBD is extracted from the female hemp plant (Cannabis sativa / indica). Like 
the others cannabinoids the CBD is found in the hemp plant mainly as carboxylic 
acid before. While the marijuana cultivated has a high THC content, the 
industrially cultivated hemp contains only a small amount of THC. Instead, the 
hemp plants have a high CBD content. In local trade and online shops, 
cannabidiol is most often sold as oil. 

Hemp and CBD in the industry The industrial and legal hemp cultivation is 
Limited in the choice of varieties. There are about 50 varieties that have a 
low THC content of 0,2 % or less and are intended for cultivation are approved. 
only certified seed is used, and in addition, the cultivation of the German 
Federal Agency for Agriculture and nutrition must be reported. The hemp is sown 
between May and April. In As a rule, sowing is repeated one month later. The 
harvest already takes place between the end of July and the end of September. 
The seeds are used between mid September and mid October. 

The hemp oil is a by-product of the cultivation and is extracted from the hemp 
seeds. A gentle harvest is necessary for the cannabidiol. First the seeds are 
removed and then in a special oil mill in a gentle Cold pressed out. Thus all 
valuable ingredients remain contained in the CBD oil. In a further 
manufacturing process the Cannabidiol oil with a natural and pure extract 
obtained by distillation is gained, enriched. This gives the CBD oil a high 

CBD Oil - How does the human body react When researching the CBD- structure, 
scientists found out that the cannabinoids are responsible for the cannabis 
effect are responsible. During further investigations the researchers have 
discovered the so-called endocannabinoid system. Allyn Howlett, a professor at 
of the Saint-Louis University in Missouri, USA, proved in 1987 to be the first 
This is the second time that the effect of cannabinoids is via the body's own 
receptors. Several receptors in the human body thus react to the cannabinoids 
THC and CBD. The first cannabinoid receptor is located in the nervous system of 
the of the human intestine and central nervous system. The second receptor is 
located are based on body cells that are responsible for the regulation of bone 
metabolism are responsible and on body cells from the human defence system. The 
both receptors are the most important parts of the endocannabinoid system. This 
serves the body to regulate various processes and has a direct influence on: 

the perception of pain the performance of the body's own defense system mood 
and the emergence of fears the regulation of body temperature, Appetite and 
sleep The system is not only affected by THC and cannabidiol influenced. The 
human body itself produces substances that have a direct influence on the 
endocannabinoid system Due to the central role of this system, it is logical 
that it has a direct influence on human body. That's why the two most famous 
cannabinoids, CBD and THC, have been closely examined in recent years. 

The differences between CBD and THCCBD oil bottle Pure from the optical point 
of view the cannabidiol differs only slightly from the known 
Tetrahydrocannabinol. With regard to the effect there are serious differences 
between the two cannabinoids. The consumption of THC causes the head is sent on 
a journey and a lethargic effect develops. The cannabidiol causes the 
cannabinoid receptors in the human body to activated. The CBD which is 
contained in CBD oil increases the Ner 

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