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Mellanby. 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Restrains CD4 T Cell Priming Frontiers * You 
can find a high quality water filter for at home here: Drink Pure water filter 
Coffee, spritzer and beer cannot replace water Of course, this tip applies in 
particular to people who have previously drunk little water - and instead 
preferred to consume soft drinks, spritzers, juices, coffee, milk drinks or 
even alcoholic drinks. Yes, because of these drink preferences, there are very 
many people who never drink water. However, humans are made up of 60 to 70 
percent water and not coffee, cola or buttermilk and not even beer. Now and 
again there are studies that show that coffee can also serve as a fluid 
supplier and only dehydrates (draws water from the body) when drinking large 
amounts (more than 1.2 liters) (1, 2). However, So if you suffer from high 
blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems,including varicose veins or 
high cholesterol, then drink more water! BecauseIf you have advanced 
cardiovascular disease, remember to ask your doctor inadvance how much water 
you can drink each day. You may want to start increasingyour water consumption 
slowly so that your circulation, heart and kidneys canget used to it 
again.Drinking water often helps with headaches and migraines Even a slight 
loss of water of 1 to 3 percent of body weight can impair many functions of the 
brain Yes, headache is even considered one of the most common symptoms of 
dehydration, according to a 2018 study (14). 40 percent of the almost 400 
participants developed headaches if they drank too little water. In a 
corresponding study, it was observed in athletes that a fluid loss of 1.4 
percent after training lowered both mood and ability to concentrate and also 
increased the frequency of headaches (6). At the same time, studies are already 
available that show that headaches and migraines can be relieved with the help 
of water, for example a study from 2012 in which 102 male migraine patients 
consumed 1.5 liters of water a day and 47 percent of them experienced 
significant improvements Experienced migraines. In the control group (who did 
not drink as much water), only 25 percent of patients reported improvement (16)
. watch how you are doing, both in the short term and in the long term! It is 
particularly important to observe the long-term effects of coffee, as it 
contains a psychoactive substance with caffeine, i.e. a drug that naturally has 
an immediate effect (evokes a sense of well-being, wakes you up, makes you 
focus, drains, etc.), but without the real need of the body. Because caffeine 
does not work because the body is currently suffering from a caffeine 
deficiency (except for headaches caused by caffeine withdrawal, which 

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