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Neuer Nectar Collector Kit letztes Stück.
Ausstellungsmodell, deshalb so günstig. 


14mm Glaswasserpfeife/Glasbong mit hoher Qualität.

Er beinnhaltet alles was der Dabber zum sofortigen Loslegen so braucht.


  • inklusive Glas Nektar Collector
  • Inklusive Glasmundstück
  • Inklusive Titan & Glasnagel
  • Inklusive Glasschale
  • Inklusive Keck Clip



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took place in Zurich in the summer of 1939, in the spirit of national intellectual

defense . World War II Food rationing in Switzerland from October 9, 1940 to June 24,

1948 Bust of General Henri Guisan → Main article : Switzerland in World War II See also :

Switzerland in the Second World War After the outbreak of World War II , Switzerland

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General Henri Guisan [59] . The parliament granted the Federal Council, citing a state of

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Nectar Collector Kit

99,00 CHF Standardpreis
39,00 CHFSale-Preis
inkl. MwSt.
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