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then suddenly

you will find it much easier to lose weight.

* A 4-week detox program can be found here under this link .

14. Lose weight with the right drinks Drinks sweetened with sugar are of course

not suitable for a weight loss program. However, drinks sweetened with

sweeteners are not ideal for weight loss, as we have explained here: sweeteners

make you fat

It is better to switch consistently to still water and herbal teas and drink

If you do not like / cannot drink non-carbonated

water, then choose at least one mineral water without any other additives (no

sweeteners, flavors, fruit concentrates, etc.).

For a delicious coconut drink, simply stir 2 - 3 spoons of coconut milk powder

into a glass of water - the filling coconut milk is ready. At the same time,

with just one glass of such a coconut drink, you provide yourself with 20

percent of your daily fiber requirement and do something good for your

intestinal health.

Advertisement 15. Lose weight with a deacidification cure Chronic over-

acidification of the tissue occurs over many years and decades as a result of a

chronic lack of basic minerals and an acid-forming lifestyle and diet. In the

course of such chronic acidification, the metabolism visibly slows down. Losing

weight becomes almost impossible.

An over-acidic environment prevents nutrients and vital substances from

reaching the cell in full and at the same time blocks the removal of metabolic

waste from the tissue, so that the situation continues to deteriorate. Slags

that cannot be removed are padded with fat so that they cannot damage the

sensitive body tissues.

Only when the slag, which also includes excess or already neutralized acids, is

removed, the fat can be broken down much more easily, because then nothing more

A cell that is not properly supplied simultaneously constantly signals

“hunger”, so that hyperacidity is often always accompanied by an appetite that

cannot be satisfied. In the case of hyperacidity, losing weight is therefore

only possible to a limited extent and only with great effort, if at all.

The acidification is here therefore an important step with or shortly after the

diet makes sense. If the deacidification is carried out at the same time as the

change in diet, this can overload the body and lead to detoxification and

intolerance reactions. So proceed slowly - especially if you have previously

had an unhealthy diet or if you suffer from chronic diseases.

In this case, the organism should first get used to the healthier diet (for

about 4 weeks) and only then be confronted with a deacidification program.

During deacidification, acid waste is transported away so that bases, oxygen

and enzymes can finally pass through the tissue again. The nutrients can now

easily enter the cell and waste can be discharged. The metabolism is

reactivated and accelerated by the deacidification, so that the stored fat

reserves are now also reached and these can be gradually broken down. And so it

works again without any problems with losing weight.

Advertisement Lose weight - in 15 steps If you now decide to try to implement

as much of the aforementioned tips as possible over the next six months, then

your weight loss program would look like this:

You are banning the bad fats from your kitchen and stocking up on the right and

healthy fats. You throw sugar, white flour and wheat products out of your

kitchen and instead stock up on xylitol, stevia, coconut blossom sugar, dried

fruits, honey and healthy sweets as well as whole grain products, quinoa,

millet etc. from the organic trade. Instead of regular pasta, choose

carbohydrate-free konjac noodles, konjac spaghetti, konjac lasagna, etc.

Instead of rice, eat konjac rice. You avoid all ready-made products and eat

everything freshly prepared from now on. You can find many recipes - including

quick recipes - in our recipe database . You ban spices containing glutamate

from your kitchen and get yourself healthy and glutamate-free herbal mixtures

Freshly squeezed vegetable juices (possibly diluted with water) can also be

incorporated into a weight loss program. You can read more about this here:

Healthy and slim with a juice regimen

If you can't do without lemonade, refine your mineral water with a little

freshly squeezed lemon juice and sweeten it with a little stevia or xylitol.

You can also use it to lose weight wonderfully, namely with the lemon juice


Another highly recommended companion when losing weight is coconut milk . In

point 1 you have already learned that the body is reluctant to store coconut oil as fat.

And that's exactly how it is with coconut milk. Whether in fruit


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