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While dieters weaken their metabolism with new eating habits again and again

and distribute their low-calorie and low-fat meals over many small meals

throughout the day in order to keep the blood sugar level constant, new studies

now seem to reverse the dietary recommendations that have been preached for


The importance of Lent was confirmed by the study report by Salk's Regulatory

Biology Laboratory , which was published in the May issue of the journal Cell

Metabolism (1).

The mice, which fasted regularly and only ate the same (!) Food every day for a


The researchers at the Salk Institute have shown that the body stores fat while

eating and only starts to burn fat and break down cholesterol into useful bile

acids a few hours after eating. The more we eat, the more fat the body stores.

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Study leader Satchidananda Panda commented on the investigations as follows: 

The focus of the investigations was the question of whether obesity and

metabolic diseases are due to a diet that is too high in fat or to disturbances

in the natural metabolic processes.

Laboratory tests with mice showed that those animals whose food intake was

reduced to an 8-hour period and accordingly resulted in a 16-hour fasting

period (= intermittent fasting) are healthier than those who had permanent

access to the food. 

The latest laboratory tests show that it is not necessarily the calories and

the fat percentage that are decisive for being overweight, but primarily the

period of food consumption. Specifically, research suggests that regular

fasting times and meal times should be adhered to in order to stay healthy and


The key to a healthy, ideal-weight life seems to be to fast overnight and into

the late morning. Diabetes in particular could be prevented with such a food-

fasting cycle. This type of diet is called interval fasting or intermittent


Circadian rhythm - eating in harmony with our body cycles Obesity increases the

risk of a variety of diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and

high cholesterol. A few changes in lifestyle could drastically reduce these

health risks, primarily diet and exercise.

The 2012 study by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies goes one step

further and points to the importance of the natural day-night rhythm (circadian

rhythm) for our weight and our health in general (1, 2).

The circadian rhythm comprises the physical, mental and behavioral changes that

take place in the organism of living beings in a 24-hour cycle under the

influence of daylight and nighttime darkness (1-3).

This circadian rhythm is controlled by the interaction between cell molecules,

which chronobiology calls the biological clock. The coordinating “master clock”

consists of a group of approx. 20,000 nerve cells (SCN) in the hypothalamus,

which is located in the diencephalon in the area of ​​the optic nerve junction (


A lifestyle that ignores the natural circadian rhythm (e.g. incorrect eating

behavior) is associated with various health problems, in particular with sleep

The more interesting are the findings about the connections between biological

body rhythms and weight regulation.

Fasting for several hours every day prevents weight gain and diabetes Previous

studies had already warned that uncontrolled eating during the day can lead to

metabolic syndrome and diabetes, that blood sugar levels are permanently high

and never really return to regenerative fasting mode.