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CBD soll wahre Wunder wirken. Es soll bei Entzündungen und

entzündungs - bedingten Schmerzen, Epilepsie, schizophrenen

Psychosen, Stress, Burnout, Schlafstörungen, Migräne, Übelkeit und

Erbrechen helfen. Die Liste könnte man ewig fortsetzen. Kurzum:

CBD macht nicht high, sondern hat entspannende Wirkungen auf den Körper.

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Those who regularly consume these unnatural, nutrient-poor products are often

not only overweight, but also run the risk of developing insulin resistance as

a precursor to type 2 diabetes, which in turn makes it difficult to lose


The insulin resistance is the result of a metabolic disorder in glucose

balance. This leads to a reduced ability of body cells to react to the hormone

insulin, as a result of which blood sugar levels rise. This hormonal

Because the larger

the waist circumference, the higher the pro bability of an existing insulin


The fat deposits in the abdominal area in turn release inflam matory substances

that promote insulin resistance, which in combination with a here ditary

The first step to achieving your desired weight and avoiding inflam matory

processes in the body that can lead to further chronic inflam matory diseases

Read also: Anti- inflam matory diet

Industrial sugar = inflammation and obesity due to antinutrients Refined sugar

is ubiquitous these days. Even with breast milk, we develop a preference for

the sweet taste, which presumably also puts us in a pleasant state in the

course of life and allows us to reach for sweets, especially in emotional


In contrast to natural sugar, however, industrial sugar is an anti-nutrient

that does not provide our body with any nutritional benefits, but rather

weakens it as a vital substance thief and inflammation trigger. According to

clinical studies, a teaspoon of sugar a day is enough to develop chronic

In the vicious circle of sugar consumption and insulin resistance, the

excessive release of hormones also favors the storage of fat. Current studies

demonstrate that even short-term obesity has a negative impact on our current

and future health.

As a consequence of being overweight and insulin resistance, in addition to

cell-damaging inflammation, high blood pressure and cancer can develop in the

further course. In the following we will see what role industrial sugar plays

in the connection between the intestinal flora and weight problems.

Losing weight - Healthy intestinal flora is crucial There are various theories

It is considered certain that both in flammatory processes and insulin

sensitivity as well as energy consumption and energy storage in the body are

Research results have also shown that the

composition of the intestinal flora differs in overweight and normal weight or

slim people.

In overweight test persons, a disturbed intestinal flora ( dys bacteria ) with a

larger number of bacteria containing LPS (lipo polysac charides) was confirmed,

which Ian Spreadbury of the Gastro intestinal Diseases Research Unit attributes

to typically "western" foods with a very high carbohydrate content (e.g. B.

sweets, white flour products).

LPS are so-called endotoxins, which are associated with diet-related

inflammation, obesity and leaky gut syndrome .

In addition, overweight people usually have lower levels of the beneficial

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Animal studies in this regard have shown that lactic acid bacteria (

Lacto bacillus) as well as bifido bacteria in the form of probiotic supplements

Dy sbacteria - obesity begins in the womb An intact intestinal flora is

particularly important during pregnancy, because obesity probably begins in the

womb. Scientists at Harvard University believe that the tendency to become

overweight is here ditary, as certain bacteria are transmitted from mother to

baby during birth and breastfeeding.

Babies born by caesarean section are at greater risk of becoming overweight

However, the bacterial composition in the child's intestine is decisive for

potential obesity in later years, especially in the first few years of life.

Although research shows that nutrition has a clear effect on the intestinal

flora, the reverse can also be drawn. Because a disturbed intestinal flora can

in turn favor a wrong diet and thus obesity.

In the case of the fungal infection Candida, it is particularly the excessive

craving for sugar, since the yeast fungi exist mainly on the basis of simple

A consistent healthy diet, which in particular avoids industrial sugar and

. Restoring healthy

Low Carb - Lose Weight with a Low Carbohydrate Diet Fashion diets should be

enjoyed with caution when it comes to the low-carb diet in the sense of a low-

carbohydrate diet, but there is some consensus on weight loss.

When referring to carbohydrates to be avoided in this diet, it mainly refers to

in dustrially processed foods such as refined sugar and very starchy products

such as bread, pasta, pastries and cakes made from extract flour.

Avoiding these so-called "empty" carbohydrates keeps the insulin level in

Since the organism is not burdened with anti-nutrients in this way, the

A low- carbohydrate diet based on this principle not only banishes harmful foods

from the digestive tract, it also frees up space for anti oxidant anti-

in flammatories and caloric lightweights such as fruits and vegetables.

If you supplement the low- carbohydrate diet with healthy proteins and fats,

preferably in the form of nuts, seeds and omega-3 -containing vegetable oils,

Inflammation is elimin ated with this form of nutrition and nothing stands in

the way of the slim line.

Yes, it is almost even worse when you are only allowed to eat 50 grams of

noodles and 70 grams of a slice of bread. You'd rather not eat anything.

Because with such massive restrictions, some people really miss the pleasure

and happiness of eating.