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Wird das Öl direkt unter die Zunge geträufelt, kann es besonders schnell

über die Schleimhäute absorbiert und direkt in den Blutkreislauf

geleitet werden.

Bei dieser Art der Einnahme berichten viele Konsumenten,

dass die Wirkung bereits nach rund 15 Minuten eintritt.


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Durch einreiben der Cannabidiol Urtinktur und

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berichten unsere Kunden von schnellen Erfolgen.

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Geht es um die Inhaltsstoffe unserer HANFÖL-Öle machen wir

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such as B. Untreated

organic coconut oil, which, along with raw milk butter and ghee, is considered

the best source of healthy saturated fatty acids.


supplies a particularly large number of medium-chain fatty acids that are very

easy to digest, are used directly for energy production (similar to

Coconut oil is also helpful against fungal infections, and coconut oil has even

You can read more about the positive properties of coconut oil here, for

example: Coconut oil for the brain 

Omega-3 fatty acids against cravings Other healthy fatty acids that lift the

mood as well as relieve depression and thus reduce cravings are the omega-3

fatty acids , which z. B. in fatty fish, in hemp oil, in linseed oil or in chia

In the form of krill oil, omega-3 fatty acids are an ideal dietary supplement

for women who suffer from PMS and the associated mood swings and food cravings.

Read the details about krill oil here: Krill oil - Nature's perfect recipe

Apart from that, there are three other substances that can stop cravings. In

particular, they stop cravings for isolated carbohydrates such as sugar and

white flour.

* Vegan Omega 3 capsules can be found here under this link.

Stop cravings for carbohydrates While complex carbohydrates, meaning full

carbohydrates with a natural fiber content, are beneficial for health, isolated

carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar can disrupt the body's healthy


From complex carbohydrates, glucose reaches the blood only slowly. From

isolated carbohydrates, however, very qui ckly. The blood sugar level rises

moderately in the former and slowly falls again hours after the meal.

Instead, after consuming isolated carbohydrates, there are strong blood sugar

fluctuations: the blood sugar level rises rapidly, but falls again just as

. These fluctuations not only stress the organism, but also

As soon as the blood sugar level drops, the body registers an appetite for

carbohydrates - very often in the form of downright cravings. Here, too, a

vicious circle of sugar consumption, blood sugar fluctuation, ravenous hunger,

sugar consumption, blood sugar fluctuation, ravenous hunger, etc. begins.

Glutamine could be a way out of this vicious circle. The human brain needs

glucose and the amino acid glutamine, among other things, in order to function.

If there is not enough glutamine available, you will crave sweets.

When the time comes, the following applies: Don't grab the candy bar, but the

glutamine powder. It reaches the brain as quickly as sugar, but has no effect

on blood sugar levels.

If you are craving for sweets, you can stir one to two grams of glutamine

powder with water and drink it. After a few minutes your cravings for

carbohydrates will be gone.

Incidentally, glutamine should not be confused with the harmful flavor enhancer

glutamate. While glutamine occurs naturally in the human body, glutamate is a

biotechnologically produced substance which, from a neurological point of view,

is a type of drug.

Avoid glutamate, because the flavor enhancer causes cravings The flavor

enhancer glutamate is added to many finished products by the food industry. The

hearty taste created by glutamate ensures that consumers consume more of the


Its mechanism of action is

completely different from that of glutamine, which tends to restrict appetite

and prevent cravings.

Stop cravings for carbohydrates - with chromium The trace element chromium has

a massive influence on the insulin sensitivity of the cells and thus the

carbohydrate metabolism.

A scientific study with overweight diabetes patients showed that the daily

intake of 600 micrograms chromium picolinate in combination with biotin

increases the insulin sensitivity, thereby regulating the blood sugar level,

preventing blood sugar fluctuations and consequently reducing the number of

food cravings.

Konjac powder made from the Asian konjac root is a completely natural substance

that can not only reduce ravenous hunger but also general appetite.

Stop cravings - with konjac powder Konjak powder contains a certain type of

fiber, so-called glucomannans. They affect appetite - as researchers at Mahidol

University in Bangkok / Thailand found in a study in 2009.

Glucomannans reduce ghrelin levels. Ghrelin is a hormone. If the ghrelin level

is high, you have great appetite and hunger.

On the other hand, the lower the ghrelin level, the less you eat.


automatically eat smaller portions and hardly have an appetite for dessert.

Since the konjac powder also works in an empty state, i.e. keeps the ghrelin

level low, it can prevent food cravings and thus minimize the calorie intake.

Read more about konjac powder and its uses here .

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