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AHemorrhoids: brief overview

Treatment: depending on the severity of wound ointments, zinc paste or

vegetable ointments ( witch hazel , aloe vera ), cortisone ointment , local

anesthetic, "desolation", constriction (rubber band ligation), surgery

Home remedies: anti-inflammatory and itch-relieving hip baths, linseed (to

facilitate bowel movements)

Prevention: high-fiber diet, regular daily bowel movements, few presses during

bowel movements, sufficient drinking, daily physical activity.

Typical symptoms: foreign body sensation, oozing, pain and / or itching in the

anal area, light red blood on the stool or toilet paper

Examinations: physical examination with palpation of anal mirroring (

proctoscopy) and rectal mirroring (rectoscopy)

Possible complications: skin irritation, anal eczema, anemia , stool


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Which illness causes my complaints?

Hemorrhoids: treatment

Everyone has hemorrhoids (also: hemorrhoids): the spongy, well-circulated

vascular pad sits at the exit of the rectum. Together with the sphincters, it

seals the anus.

But when the hemorrhoids are enlarged, they can cause discomfort. For example,

those affected complain of pain, itching and burning in the anus. Doctors then

speak of a hemorrhoidal disease . Colloquially, it simply means: someone has


There are various ways to get such morbidly enlarged hemorrhoids treated. The

severity of hemorrhoidal disease plays a role here:

Grade 1: The mildest and most common form is 1st degree hemorrhoids. They are

not palpable and are only visible with an anal canal mirroring (proctoscopy).

Grade 2: 2nd degree hemorrhoids bulge outwards when pressed and then retreat

Grade 3: 3rd degree hemorrhoids also emerge from the anus when pressed. But you

have to push them back with your finger.

Grade 4: 4th degree hemorrhoids are permanently visible on the outside of the

anus. They can no longer be pushed back into the anal canal. Often, some anal

mucosa also protrudes ( anal prolapse ).

Depending on the severity of the hemorrhoidal disease, various treatment

options can be considered. It is best to discuss with your family doctor which

therapy method makes the most sense in your case. He will then transfer them to

. Because which doctor is ultimately the right contact for

hemorrhoids depends on the type of treatment. This can be a proctologist ,

surgeon or gastroenterologist .

Hemorrhoid stages

Hemorrhoid stages

The basis of any hemorrhoid treatment is a healthy diet and regular bowel

movements . Both of these also help prevent hemorrhoids. If necessary,

conservative measures such as pain relieving ointments can also be used.

Surgery is usually necessary for persistent symptoms or severe hemorrhoidal

disease .

Hemorrhoid treatment with medication

Medications are used in hemorrhoid treatment to relieve the symptoms. They can

be helpful for hemorrhoids of any severity. Various active ingredients are

Some are anti-inflammatory, others local anesthetic.

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Hemorrhoids - what really helps

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What to do with hemorrhoids?

Itchy bottom, pain, blood in the stool - usually there are enlarged hemorrhoids

. Even if hardly anyone talks about it: the complaints are fairly

common - the probability increases with age. Regardless of age, the earlier you

vaporspirit Read here

who is particularly vulnerable and how to get rid of the annoying excesses.

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Everyone has hemorrhoids

Jeder Mensch hat Hämorrhoiden. Zum Glück! Die schwammartigen Gefäßpolster sind

Teil des Schwellkörpers im Enddarm: Sie dichten den After ab. Erst wenn sie

vergrößert sind, bereiten sie Beschwerden: Die Haut juckt und brennt, der

Stuhlgang schmerzt und es entweicht ungewollt Luft, Stuhlflüssigkeit oder sogar


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Bowel movement; constipation

Who is particularly at risk

The tendency to enlarged hemorrhoids is innate. Plague particularly often

people with constipation, but also those with the opposite problem:

frequent diarrhea. Seniors, pregnant women and overweight people also suffer

more often

underneath. And those who sit a lot also develop enlarged ones more quickly


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Relieve ointments, but do not heal

Many then resort to over-the-counter ointments, creams or hip baths that the

Alleviate symptoms in the short term, for example because they are anti-

inflammatory or

to be anesthetic. From a certain size of the hemorrhoids it is not

Long-term solution. Let yourself be examined by the doctor. This is the only


rule out that the discomfort does not have other causes such as an anal fissure

or even underlying a cancer.

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Removing hemorrhoids

The doctor clears small hemorrhoids with a syringe, that is

Blood supply is cut off. But are the annoying companions for it

Too large, a so-called rubber ring ligation is due - parts of the hemorrhoid

are tied and fall off after a short time. Such a surgical

Intervention is only necessary for very large hemorrhoids that are no longer in


Have the casing pushed back. So that it doesn't even come to this, you should

note the following tips:

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On the toilet

Watch out when going to the toilet

Watch out when using the toilet The most important measure to prevent

hemorrhoidal problems

Avoid: Do not press when using the toilet, but relax in the

Quite the opposite of the intestinal exit when you lax. Because otherwise they


Hemorrhoids under pressure and enlarge permanently. It is best if

Even long sitting on the

You shouldn't let toilet bowl become a habit because of it

strains the blood vessels in the hemorrhoids and stretches them further.

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Apple; sandwich, breakfast; Break bread

Chair-friendly nutrition

Proper nutrition helps to make it slide during bowel movements.

Dietary fiber in particular improves bowel activity and makes it easier

Excretion. Vegetables, fruits (especially dried fruit) are high in fiber

and whole grains. It is particularly effective to take a few spoons a day

Stir bran or psyllium into the yogurt. But who eats high fiber,

has to pay attention to one thing ...

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