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Wild broccoli, 300 g

Celtic farm CHF 10.40 / pack

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juristinnen und juristen

schulthess juristischen medien

What you need to know about broccoli The basis of all our current cabbages is

wild cabbage. And just like his bright yellow brother, the cauliflower, Our

broccoli today comes from this original gem. Originally in Native to Asia

Minor, broccoli came to Greece at the beginning of modern times and Italy and

from there to us.

Broccoli: A small vegetable story In German-speaking countries, they have

Divorced spirits. It is true that the broccoli was known here as Agem. However,

the broccoli was not as popular as cauliflower. The big green country has only

really gained popularity after 1970. Since then, however, no one has been

allowed to Shopping list is missing more, and even hobbyists now want the green

one Plant the curly head. No wonder, because a variety of different varieties

attracts color and taste. In addition to the well-known representatives with a

deep head there is also a blue-green, violet or yellow variant today.

Furthermore Different varieties are distinguished between the varieties that

are in Differentiate between sowing and harvest time. Basically, broccoli has

in our latitudes from May to autumn season. The fact that we are also in

International does not have to do without broccoli in winter Production

ensured. India and China are the main producers worldwide. In Europe, Austria,

Italy and France are among the top Producers.

Cabbage vegetables in a duet In addition to the already existing "pure-bred" 

broccoli, our well-known broccoli is also crossed with other types of cabbage. 

Broccolini is here to be heard. Broccolini stuck from Japan and referred to a 

relationship between broccoli and Chinese cabbage. Broccolini has a pleasant 

taste of asparagus. This owes its cozy name to the baby asparagus or asparagus 

broccoli. Alternatively, broccolini is sold under the name Bimi. If you try 

Bimi / Broccolinitry different of the food, you should listen to the freshness 

and tenderness of the stems and buds when buying. When stored, the broccoli 

rule may be toühaveit. The same is gold-plated for the "real" broccoli. This is 

also best found fresh in the gemüofthe oven cabinet. A maximum of three to four 


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