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Gastro intestinal home remedy? Eat properly with Gastro intestinal flu Gastro

intestinal home remedies: when is it better to go to the doctor? abdominal


ready for use: a medical prescription is not necessary, and the respective

"ingredients" are already available in most households. In principle, certain

home remedies can reduce uncomfortable symptoms such as diarrhea typical of the

disease . However, whether and how well Gastro intestinal home remedies help in

individual cases varies from patient to patient. Used correctly, at least they

do no harm. What they cannot do: Shorten the duration of the illness.

In general, you should only try home remedies such as healing earth or apple

pectin for a simple, uncomplicated Gastro intestinal flu . If you have severe

Gastro intestinal flu - how to protect yourself Can you get vaccinated against

Gastro intestinal flu? And what should you pay special attention to when

traveling? Can you get vaccinated against Gastro intestinal flu? And what

should you pay special attention to when traveling? Which Gastro intestinal

home remedies are there? There are many different home remedies for Gastro

intestinal What helps are home remedies for diarrhea. Many Gastro intestinal

home remedies work on the same principle as preparations that you get in the

pharmacy. The two most important groups are - both for pharmacy active

ingredients and for Gastro intestinal home remedies - adsorbents and swelling


There are also other tips and home remedies for Gastro intestinal flu that can

be helpful, such as Gastro intestinal tea or probiotics .

Symptom checker icon NetDoktor symptom checker Which illness causes my

complaints? Adsorbents Adsorbents are active substances that can bind (adsorb)

bacteria and their intestinal toxins or viruses. The patient then excretes

both, the intestine can recover. Adsorbents include, for example, pectins,

healing earth and white clay as well as activated carbon.

However, the effectiveness of adsorbents against diarrhea is sometimes

controversial among experts and has so far not been clearly proven by studies.

Nevertheless, the funds seem to help many people. You can get healing earth and

activated carbon in every pharmacy.

Always ask your pharmacist about the use of adsorbents. Let him know about any

medication you are already taking. Because with some drugs (such as cardiac

glycosides for heart failure ), interactions with adsorbents are possible.

Pectins These vegetable adsorbents can be found, for example, in apples. A Is

therefore a classic Gastro intestinal home remedy. Bananas, carrots, citrus

fruits and apricots also contain pectins. For example, if you have Gastro

intestinal flu, you can eat a banana porridge. If you would rather try carrots

for Gastro intestinal complaints, you should prepare a soup Then they are

easier to digest.

As an alternative to fresh food, you can get ready-made preparations with a

high pectin content from the pharmacy.