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content of the pasta.

Shirataki noodles pass through the digestive tract very slowly, which leads to

lasting satiety. A small portion of 100 grams of pasta is enough to make you

feel full and satisfied in the long term.

When is the pear ripe? The core fruit ripenslike the apple from the inside out.

The pear can therefore still feel quite the outside, üwhileäit isalready ripe

There is, however, a trick with which the degree of

maturi tyäcan be determined veryeasily. Instead of pressing at the top oföthe

pear,ĂĽlight pressure should be applied with one finger directly atthe stem

base.ĂĽ If the fruit yields here, it is ripe. If, on the other hand, it is still

Tip: The maturation of

pearsisac celerated when the foodĂĽis placednext to thepudals. A ripening apple

releases ethylene, which in turn affects surrounding fruit andĂĽfruit. But

beware, this also means that the foodĂĽwill become more matureor even rotten.

Glucomannans are also used by the beneficial intestinal bacteria as food, so

that the Shirataki noodles also act as prebiotics and thus protect and nourish

the intestinal flora. The intestinal bacteria convert the fiber into short-

chain fatty acids, which in turn serve as a nutrient for the intestinal mucosa

and also have anti- inflamm atory effects.

If intestinal bacteria now metabolize the glucomannans to fatty acids, then one

kilo calorie (kcal) arises per gram of glucomannan, which corresponds to 3 to 5

kcal for 100 grams of Shirataki pasta. As a result, Shirataki noodles can be

described as almost calorie-free.

Shirataki noodles can therefore promote intestinal health, which indirectly

leads to a strengthening of the immune system and thus to a strengthening of

overall health.

2. Shirataki noodles help you lose weight The properties of glucomannans

described under 1. already show that Shirataki noodles can help you lose weight

They are almost calorie-free and saturate sustainably when consumed in small

amounts, which is partly because they lower the level of the "hunger hormone"

ghrelin. Ghrelin makes you hungry and stimulates your appetite. If the ghrelin

This way you eat less of high-calorie foods and lose weight more easily.

Various studies have shown how successful the Shirataki noodle is in reducing

If, for example, glucomannans are taken daily (approx. 3 to 5 grams),

the test subjects lost 1.4 to 2.5 kg within four to eight weeks.

Another study found that the group who took Gluco mannane in addition to a low-

calorie diet lost more weight than those who only followed the diet. Shirataki

noodles can therefore increase the weight loss of a diet.

Of course, the glucomannans can also be taken without Shirataki noodles -

namely simply in the form of capsules (Konjac capsules). These contain 3 to 5

grams of glucomannans per daily dose and are taken before meals. The effect is

that you eat much less in the subsequent meal and, moreover, your appetite for

sweets is restricted.

3. Shirataki noodles reduce blood sugar and insulin levels Like many other

fibers, the glucomannans in the Shirataki noodles reduce the blood sugar

level - which is particularly helpful if you suffer from fluctuations in blood

sugar, diabetes or insulin resistance.

Glucomannans slow down gastric emptying and nutrient absorption in the

intestine. In this way, sugar from foods containing carbohydrates also enters

the bloodstream much more slowly. The blood sugar and insulin levels thus

remain stable, and blood sugar spikes are prevented.

In one study, type 2 diabetics took glucomannans for three weeks and

experienced a significant drop in fructosam ine levels - a marker that provides

an overview of blood sugar levels over the past two to three weeks.

Another study in type 2 diabetics showed that taking a dose of gluco mannane

before eating carbohydrates resulted in a significantly lower blood sugar level

after two hours than was the case without glucom annane.

4. Shirataki noodles lower cholesterol The shirataki noodles' glucomannans can

have a positive effect on blood lipid levels - as various studies have shown.

The fiber increases the amount of cholesterol that is excreted in the stool, so

that less cholesterol gets into the bloodstream.

A review of 14 studies also found that glucomannans were able to lower LDL

cholesterol levels by an average of 16 mg / dL. The triglyceride level was

reduced by an average of 11 mg / dL.

5. Shirataki noodles help with constipation Chronic constipation is common.

They often appear in connection with being overweight and other of the health

problems described above. With the Shirataki noodle you can tackle all problems