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Gottardo doesn't really like the cold at all. However, there is something ...

cold but incredibly delicious: Vitello tonnato (veal with tuna sauce)

You can serve Vitello tonnato as a wonderful starter, or just like that. If the

quantities are a little too high for you alone, there is only one thing: Open

your apartment door during preparation and do not switch on the kitchen hood at

all. Gottardo guarantees that you will have 100% too few chairs to give your

neighbors a taste of your Vitello. Knowing, you will very likely not know any

of them at all. Do not worry, because the other way around, you already know.

Now let's jump on the good calf and go shopping.

For the preparation of the meat:

1 ¼ kilo veal roast without bone or veal nut ½ liter dry white wine ½ liter

chicken broth 2 cloves of garlic 1 onion quartered and peppered with 3 cloves 1

celery stalk, roughly chopped 1 carrot, roughly chopped 10 peppercorns 2 bay


For the sauce:

100 grams of tuna in olive oil, 15 grams of anchovies from the can 2 egg yolks

2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 ¼ deci olive oil parsley, large-leafed capers Thin

lemon slices

So let's pack the calf with the horns not yet grown and get started. Stress

does not arise because one thing comes after another.

THE MEAT. Take your large soup pot in hand, which hopefully will not contain

garlic, carrot, celery, bay leaves, peppercorns and the white wine. Fill up

with water so that two thirds of the meat that is already hanging around in the

pot is covered and bring the happy community to a boil. When that happens,

reduce the heat, put the lid on and let the story simmer for 1 ¼ hours until

the meat has decided to tenderize. Let it cool down for 30 minutes and take out

the wonderfully fragrant meat.

Use a sieve to free the wonderful broth from everything that is swimming around

and pour it back into the pot. Now heat it up again to full capacity and let

the miracle broth boil until it is reduced to ¼ liter.

THE SAUCE. Take the tuna with the oil, from the can and puree them together

with the anchovies in the blender, or the blender. Add the egg yolks and a Now,

with the engine running, pour the oil in a thin stream, very slowly, and then

gradually pour the boiled meat broth until it looks like a real mayonnaise.

Finally, the remaining tablespoon of lemon juice is stirred in and seasoned

with salt and pepper.

Finito la Storia.

For serving, cut the meat into thin slices and place them like roof tiles,

overlapping slightly on a nice plate. Now spread your super hammer sauce on top

and garnish your work with capers, large-leaf parsley and lemon slices.

That leaves each of your guests, very simple and easy, the Nordic spit away.

If we are so beautiful with the calf, let's continue the calving with:

Involtini di Vitello (veal rolls)

These are the most effective home remedies for bronchitis To fight the symptoms

They relieve the cough, have an anti-inflammatory or expectorant effect, make

it easier to cough up and reduce the need for medication.

Instructions for body-warm curd wrap:

Osteoporosis. It is underestimated, underdiagnosed, undertreated - and skeletal 

disease affects every third woman over 50! The good news: there are many 

Suddenly they were there - and stayed: unbearable back pain. “I felt like I was 

on a trip to hell,” recalls Rita Stichling. “At the time I was only in my late 

30s, I was working as a teacher and suddenly I couldn't stand for 15 minutes. 

Run 300 meters in a 

row, lift a box - nothing worked anymore! ”At 35, the Thuringian from Wechmar 

decided to undergo a total operation due to endometriosis, a benign growth of 

the endometrium. What none of their doctors took into account: The drop in 

estrogen due to the early onset of menopause accelerated the bone loss 

dramatically. Four years after the procedure, a well-informed family doctor who 

wanted to get to the bottom of the persistent low back pain 

Metabolic disease is also described as a "silent thief" or "quiet epidemic of 

the 21st century". Quiet because the brittle bone itself does not hurt and 

. Thief because osteoporosis robs bone mass. 

And epidemic because, according to the WHO, it is one of the ten most important 

common diseases. 6 to 8 million Germans alone are affected - including every 

third woman over 50! "It is alarming that osteoporosis is still an 

underestimated, underdiagnosed and undertreated disease in Germany," says Prof. 

Reiner Bartl, head of the Osteoporosis Center in Munich and author of "The 

Great Patient Guide Osteoporosis" (Zuckerschwerdt). Only 10 percent of patients 

You no longer have to 

endure suffering fatefully. It is Effective 

therapies are available. And you can do a lot yourself - especially 

Sneeze once - and the bone breaks

As with Rita Stichling, extremely severe back pain is usually the first 

indication of osteoporosis; an undetected vertebral fracture is often the 

cause. With an advanced course, lifting a bag, sneezing or a strong cough is 

sometimes enough to trigger a fracture. Clear that falls can be fatal. The 

lower back, hip and wrist are particularly affected.