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Again and again we read or hear reports about so-called miracle cures or

spontaneous cures of cancer. Cancer patients who have already been given up by

conventional medicine heal like overnight. Hopeless end-stage cases and even

pancreatic cancer patients can be healthy. Conventional medicine calls this

phenomenon spontaneous healing or spontaneous remission, others speak of

What is behind this phenomenon? How often do spontaneous

healings occur?

We have dealt with the topic in detail. Now read what we can learn from

spontaneous healing. The fact that they exist is important for every cancer.

The mechanisms that are active in spontaneous healing can be strengthened in

any cancer patient.

Also possible in the final stage: the miracle of spontaneous healing We speak

In the first case, so-called apoptosis, the controlled

cell death, plays a role. A cancer cell prevents this by normal

cellular control circuits. This can be reversed by various factors

and biological switches. With most types of cancer, spontaneous healing occurs

very rarely. The most common spontaneous cures are found in black skin cancer (

malignant melanoma), kidney cancer, malignant lymphomas and in

Conventional medicine is interested in the spontaneous healing of cancer An

advanced cancer does not go away on its own. This was considered safe for a

However, over time, reports of spontaneous healing, even end-stage

cancer, began to accumulate. This is how scientists began to deal with this

phenomenon. Religious miracle cures are also being examined more closely

The Comité médical international de Lourdes consists of 23 medical

professionals and examines, for example, every healing by the power of Maria

von Lourdes. Numerous cancer patients trust their healing powers and make

pilgrimages to the French pilgrimage site every year. So far, the committee has

only recognized 13 cancer cures as miracle cures.

One of those who deals intensively with the phenomenon of spontaneous healing

is the medical doctor Dr. Herbert Kappauf. Together with the Nuremberg Working

Group on Biological Cancer Therapy , he examined case studies and patient

reports. Most, 80 percent, of spontaneous cures reported, however, are

misjudgments by patients or doctors. The rest can be said of a miracle: the

cancer disappeared on its own. Unfortunately, this occurs in a few cases.

Experts estimate that only one in 100,000 cancer patients experience

spontaneous healing. The chances of winning 5 correct numbers in the lottery

are significantly higher. Given such numbers, it would be irresponsible and

dangerous to rely only on the body's self-healing powers and hope for a

miracle. Today, many types of cancer are easy to treat and many can be cured,

as the following table shows based on 5-year survival rates.

Chances of cure from common cancers Skin 93% Prostate 93% Breast (women) 88%

Uterus 80% Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas 69% Gut 63% Understand spontaneous healing -

strengthen self-healing powers It is not known what led to miraculous healing

in individual spontaneous remissions. The fact is that even the most stubborn

cancer cells are not immortal. And that certain biological processes, even in

their final stages, can still slow down or stop cancer. Naturopathy has long

seen the body's self-healing powers as an important ally in the fight against

cancer. If you want to mobilize them, you can use various measures. In our book

“Naturopathy in Cancer” we present the most important ones that have proven

themselves in practice, but also in studies. The most important factor is

certainly the lifestyle. How we live our lives has a significant impact on the

inner workings of a cancer cell. This happens, among other things, via so-

called epigenetics. Epigenetics can switch on "good" genes in a cancer cell and

Activate self-healing with the vagotone We can consciously control only a few

functions of our body. Most are beyond our conscious control and are regulated

by various body control and control systems. One of these systems is the so-

called vegetative nervous system. It maintains the inner balance and controls

and regulates many important bodily functions. These include heartbeat,

breathing, digestion, energy metabolism and sexuality.

The autonomic nervous system can be divided into two functions: the sympathetic

The sympathetic and parasym pathetic parts of the

vegetative nervous system complement each other. The sympathetic nervous system

We need it if we want to be physically or

The parasym pathetic nervous system, on the other hand,

promotes recovery and regeneration. If the parasym pathetic nerve is active, we

come to rest and the body can devote itself to repair and healing processes.

Conventional medicine also recognized this. She speaks of the state of

vagotonia (the predominance of the parasym pathetic nervous system) in which

recovery processes are made possible. Relaxation techniques such asMeditation

and mindfulness provoke a vagotonic tone and thus promote physical regeneration

and healing. They also affect the genetic inner life of our cells. A meditation

study by the University of California showed that three months of intensive

meditation can lead to 30 percent more telomerase. (4)

Our conclusion Waiting for recovery through spontaneous healing or putting all

your hope in it makes no sense: spontaneous healing is very rare and its

frequency is comparable to a big lottery win. However, the fact that they are

possible shows us that the body has mechanisms to cure cancer even in the final

stages. It therefore makes sense to mobilize your own self-healing powers.

Naturopathy offers many possibilities for this, which have proven themselves in