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Everything you need to know about personality tests in coaching and self-


This comparison was made in cooperation with abiuni.de

If you do a personality test, you can learn a lot about yourself. But there are

many personality tests and personality models. They all promise great insights,

whether you use them yourself or with a coach. But do the personality tests

really do what they promise? Where do they help and where do they possibly

harm? Which are there and what are their advantages and disadvantages? We have

researched for you.

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Table of Contents What is a personality test and why shouldn't it be called

that? The FIP Ratio: a not very serious look at personality tests (video) The

personality test on the test bench: what is important. (Video) Use of

personality tests for professional and private life Disadvantages and dangers

of personality tests Overview of personality tests Insights® MBTI® Reiss® DISG®

Gallup® Big5 BIP® Digital competence indicator MotivationInventory 16PF® Luxx®

to water FPIR HBDI® MPA TIPI HPI LMI MPTK Pymetrics PSI theory "How the world

sees you" Summary and conclusion

What is a personality test and why shouldn't it be called that? A personality

test is designed to help you understand your own personality better. Assessment

questions are typically asked, which should allow an insight into your motives,

preferences, character traits or preferences, depending on the model. We prefer

to call these procedures profiles, not tests, because it's not about passing or

failing, but rather about gaining a better understanding of yourself.

Personality profiles are often used in coaching and many of the models allow

classification into different types and thus allow comparability to other

people, e.g. Team or family members.

The FIP Ratio: A less than serious look at personality tests As part of this

comparative project and our research, we teamed up with Christian Hüttenhein

from abiuni.de. Abiuni.de is an online career counseling service that helps

people choose a career in a flexible manner via Skype and telephone. A video

was created with a wink, which subliminally indicates some of the weaknesses of

the many personality tests. In the following video, however, we take a serious

position on the important questions that you should ask yourself. But you

shouldn't miss the following fun.

Video player

00:00 12:08

The personality test on the test bench: what is important. In the following

video you will learn from Christian (abiuni.de) and Mark (our founder) what you

should consider when doing personality tests.

Video player

00:00 22:02

Use of personality tests for professional and private life Those who know their

own motives, preferences, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses have many


perceives you and how you can use it for yourself.

How does the diagnosis work? You will be taken through a test online. The

questionnaire can be filled in quickly, the questions are more general in

nature, which means that the archetypes or the advantages identified later

overlap accordingly.

Evaluation / criticism Even if the tool is graphically well prepared, you can

still miss a bit of depth, for example the vocabulary used for the advantages

that are more flattering and impressive, such as "Excellence", "Unique Gift" or

"You impress with your intellect ". Afterwards you will be informed by email

about other options for analysis or the option to book a webinar. "How the

world sees you" is based on the virtues of the person and the effect on others.

The system was developed based on marketing considerations. By concentrating on

the advantages of the personalities, you leave the test with a good feeling and

an idea of ​​how you can affect others. It is therefore less suitable for

deepening, but it shows the first directions and tendencies.

Relevant links website "how the world sees you"

Help us improve the information Certainly there is still some interesting

background information, experience and in particular links to consultants and

coaches who offer the corresponding profiles. That is why we have created a

Google Drive table, which should serve as a living resource and which we can

continuously develop together. Take a look around there and add your

information. Occasionallya, we will transfer content from the table to this main

page if we see added value for our readers.

View and edit further information on the profiles

Summary and conclusion In the hands of an experienced and competent consultant,

personality tests can be a very effective tool for personal development,

conflict management and mutual understanding. Some personality tests can also

be used without a consultant. Basically, you should consider that they can only

represent a section of the personality and their benefits are very dependent on

the individual situation of the user.

Freiburg Personality Inventory (FPI-R) Brief description The personality traits

tested were selected by the authors from different theories and approaches. How

does the diagnosis work? 138 questions are asked, which must be answered with

“true” or “incorrect”. The answers are evaluated with regard to various

personality traits: life satisfaction, social orientation, performance

orientation, inhibition, excitability, aggressiveness, stress, physical

complaints, health concerns, openness, extraversion and emotionality. Relevant

links Freiburg personality inventory

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®) Brief description The HBDI (

formerly HDI in German-speaking countries) is based on the idea that in either

person either the left or the right brain is more dominant and either the

limbic system (emotions) or the neocortex (mind). According to the dominance,

the test participants are assigned to a quadrant. Quadrant A: The analyst:

analytical, calm, serious, focused; Quadrant B: The organizer in need of

security: controlled, dominant, organized; Quadrant C: The emotional one:

interpersonal, sensitive, talkative; Quadrant D: The visionary: strategic, keen

to experiment, creative. How does the diagnosis work? The HBDI comprises 120

questions, which are either answered on a 5-level Likert scale or by selecting

and weighting words from groups. Relevant links HBDI

Master Personality Analysis (MPA) Brief description The MPA was developed for

personnel selection and analyzes behavior in everyday work. The analysis

distinguishes between 9 personality dimensions and 28 other characteristics.

How does the diagnosis work? The MPA consists of 40 question groups, each with

four statements per group, one of the four that fits best and one that least

fits. Each of the four statements of a specialist group is aimed at a specific

property. The ego level (success orientation, self-assertion, energy), the we

level (feeling control, need for contact, trust) and the how level (detail

orientation, assurance, abstraction orientation). Relevant links Master

personality analysis

Trierer Integrated Personality Inventory (TIPI) Brief description The TIPI

comprises 254 items (an average of 7 items per scale). By default, the TIPI is

evaluated according to the Rasch model and provides standardized person

parameters or scale scores. The procedure is available in a computerized and a

paper-pencil version. The evaluation is computer-aided in both cases. How does

the diagnosis work? The test is a computer-based collection of questions that

can be completed within a few minutes. Relevant links TIPI

HPI (Hogan Personality Inventory) Brief description The HPI describes the job-

related personality and is based on the "five-factor model" of personality

psychology. However, it differs from the five-factor model in that the factor

"extraversion" is divided into "ambition" and "social sociability" and the

factor "openness to experience" into "curiosity" and "approach to learning".

How does the diagnosis work? The questionnaire can be completed in 15 to 20

minutes and is available in more than 40 languages. Areas of application are

both in personnel selection and personnel development. Relevant links Hogan


Performance Motivation Inventory (LMI) Brief description The performance

motivation inventory integrates various performance motivation theories and

tries to take into account all aspects of a personality that are relevant to

professional success. How does the diagnosis work? The test distinguishes 17

dimensions or “performance orientations”, each of which is measured with 10

items: persistence, dominance, commitment, confidence in success, flexibility,

flow, fearlessness, internality, compensatory effort, pride in performance,

willingness to learn, difficulty preference, independence, self-control, status

orientation, competitive orientation and goal setting. The items are largely

formulated in a job-related manner. The evaluation is dimension-specific or as

a total. The results are presented in profile form. In addition to the complete

test form, a short version with 30 items is available for quickly determining

an overall value. Relevant links LMI

Management potential short test (MPT-K) Brief description The MPT-K is used to

determine the potential of an applicant or employee in the three areas of team

leadership, assertiveness and entrepreneurial thinking. It is therefore

primarily used in recruiting. How does the diagnosis work? The MPT-K queries

hypothetical decision-making situations. Relevant situations with solution and

action alternatives are presented from which the participant selects. Relevant

Links Career Test

Pymetrics Brief description pymetrics is a new, game-based recruiting tool that

evaluates the strengths of candidates and recommends the right careers and

companies. The Pymetrics games were developed based on decades of established

neuroscientific research. They assess fifty important cognitive and emotional

characteristics. Co-founders Frida Polli and Julie Yoo combined their extensive

neuroscientific research experience at Harvard and MIT to identify tasks that

best reveal the traits that recruiters and hiring managers want to know.

Together, these games provide a snapshot of a person's unique characteristics.

How does the diagnosis work? Pymetrics has leveraged decades of neuroscientific

research to help companies and potential employees evaluate emotional

intelligence and intellectual intelligence, and to help recruiters find the

right candidate. Relevant links Website of the provider Article TechCrunch

PSI theory Brief description The PSI theory (Theory of Personality-System

Interactions) tries to look at people from a system interaction perspective and

to integrate motivational, volitional, cognitive, developmental and personality

psychological theories.

How does the diagnosis work? PSI theory assumes dynamics and changes between

different system levels. Based on possible coalitions, the STAR model based on

PSI theory describes eight personality styles such as self-determined,

idiosyncratic, ambitious or reserved.

Evaluation / criticism Few critics find the model too technical. Prof. Dr.

Julius Kuhl, who developed the theory, recommends this test if you want to put

yourself in the "thinking and feeling" of a person.

Relevant links About the PSI Theory Interview with Prof. Dr. Cool

How the world sees you Brief description With the help of an online

questionnaire, answering various questions determines not only the primary

advantages of a personality, but also your own archetype. With these statements

you should be able to better understand what type you are, how the environment

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