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Distribution to the population and the economy 1 The remaining income from the

CO 2 levy is distributed according to the amounts paid by the population and

the economy.

2 The proportion of the population is distributed evenly to all natural


It can commission the cantons, public corporations or private individuals to

distribute them for a reasonable fee.

3 The share of the economy is paid to the employersby the AHV

compensationfunds in accordance with the calculated salary of the employees (

Art. 5 of the Federal Act of 20 Dec. 1946 1 on old age and survivors' insurance)

1 SR 831.10

Art. 37 1 Allocation of the proceeds from the sanction The proceeds of the

Article 13 sanction will be allocated to the National Roads and Agglomeration


2 The income from the CO 2 levy, which was levied prior to the entry into

force of this law, will be distributed to the population and the economy in

accordance with the previous law.

Art. 49 a 1 Transitional provisions to the amendment of September 30, 2016 1

For delivery vans and light articulated lorries, reporting according to Article

10 b paragraph 1 will take place for the first time in 2019.

2 Theincome from the CO 2 levycollected but not used by the entry into force

of the amendment of September 30, 2016 inaccordance with Article 34 in the

version dated December 23, 2011 2 will be used under the new law.

3 The income of 2017 bound according to Article 34 can be used up to an amount

of CHF 100 million within the scope of Article 34 paragraph 3 letter a in the

version dated December 23, 2011. In addition, the cantons can be reimbursed for

enforcement costs that remain due to the premature replacement of the program

agreements with global contributions.

boil everything down wonderfully. With the addition of a cup of water and half

a cube of chicken broth, your sweetie simmered gently on low heat.

There was still something? Oh yes, the breasts! They come right now, also in

the pan and cook for about 15 minutes with the lid on. Before serving, add a

dash of cream and remove the sprigs of rosemary and thyme, because the boys get

stuck between their teeth while eating. If necessary, season with salt and

pepper ... Finito! Your sauce is a bit too thin for you ?! No problem, just add

a piece of cold butter from the fridge and dissolve it. You will see that works

miracles. Your breasts will be as juicy and tender as you've never had them

before. And above all: everything made by yourself! You, as an accomplished

cook, no longer have to click on the

fact that tagliatelle, a wonderful green salad and a non-aggressive, naturally

Italian white wine go well with it.

Do you like a hearty risotto? Let's go.


a pot, you know, no miniature version! A dash of olive oil, a medium onion and

just a small clove of garlic, all finely chopped, and let it sizzle. Now 3 to 4

handfuls of risotto rice come in, which is only briefly steamed until glassy.

Pour on a hearty dash of white wine and let it reduce a little while stirring.

Be careful, the whole thing goes relatively quickly, because right now for

heaven's sake nothing should burn ... Done? ... hallelujah! Reduce the heat to

a medium level and pour in only a small part of your chicken broth. Just so

much that the rice floats easily. Repeat this regularly and stir very gently

with a flat trowel so that the still virgin risotto does not stick to the