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Arthrosis, on the other hand, starts in the hands and feet and is recognizable by its

degenerative course.

It is signs of wear and tear that also appear in the hips, as well as in

the knee and finger joints.

grossiste cbd green brothers

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Fibromyalgia (a syndrome of widespread pain in various parts of the body, sleep disturbances

and increased fatigue) is a disease that is particularly characterized by chronic pain.

Severe muscle pain,

sleep disturbances and depression are the main symptoms of this disease. This reduces

the quality of life and increases depressive moods. Pain management is

urgently needed here.

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Thus the symptom picture is by no means uniform.

The hips, the neck or the shoulder are the pain points. Characteristic features that can

be well alleviated with CBD.

Thus, the disease can be accompanied by rheumatic and inflammatory diseases. 

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Nevertheless, it should be noted that every cancer is different and so is every person. Some respond

very well to CBD, others could not detect any changes, but also no deterioration. Nevertheless, initial successes are showing in breast and prostate cancer, as well as in leukemia and cervical cancer.

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Radiation therapy was performed as a result of cancer. With the help of it, the cancer cells were

weakened and their further development, as well as reproduction was prevented.

At the same time as the radiotherapy, CBD was used.

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Nausea, vomiting, fatigue and hair loss make it even more difficult for those affected. Here, too,

studies show that cannabidiol acts as an antiemetic

(active ingredient for the prevention and treatment and vomiting).

persons under the age, consult with a physician

Psychological problems.

Even though CBD does not directly interfere with the psyche, it can influence it positively.

The psyche has a great power over us in every way. This should not be forgotten when it comes

to illnesses and pain.

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The buffer of endocannabinoid, the body's own substance, has long since dried up. Due to the

constant pain overload, a depot can no longer form.

In this case, CBD is also the remedy of choice and a supportive effect for a better feeling of life.

With CBD, a holistic well-being could occur, because it also helps in physical terms.

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