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Typical symptoms are sneezing attacks, runny nose and itching in the mouth and

Most hay fever is associated with an allergic disease of the

conjunctiva and eyelids ( allergic rhinoconjunctivitis ). If the symptoms move

towards the lungs and allergic asthma develops , there has been a change of

floors from the upper to the lower respiratory tract.

Symptoms Do you have sneezing attacks? Is it itching in the nose, mouth and

Are your eyes watering? These symptoms are typical of an allergic runny

nose ( allergic rhinitis ) caused by pollen flying around. Sneezing attacks,

runny nose, a stuffy nose and itching in the mouth and throat - sometimes in

There is also fatigue and a general

feeling of illness. Mostly the eyes itch and water, they are red and sensitive

to light, even the eyelids can be swollen (allergic conjunctivitis or

If symptoms on the nose and eyes appear at the same time, the

doctors speak of rhinoconjunctivitis.The discomfort can be so disturbing that a

peaceful and restful sleep is out of the question.

If, in addition to the hay fever symptoms described, complaints such as

coughing and wheezing, rattling breath, possibly combined with shortness of

breath, occur, it may be allergic asthma. The allergy has migrated down from

the upper airways to the lungs. Doctors call this change of floors this shift

in symptoms.

Sometimes symptoms of runny nose do not stop, even though the flowering and

pollen period is long gone. Sneezing attacks, a runny nose or inflamed eyes

persist all year round. For such an allergic cold , the triggers can usually be

found inside the house. They are mainly pets and house dust mites, sometimes

When is hay fever, when is a cold? Many symptoms are similar to those of a

cold , but there are differences. Colds usually come with a headache or a

scratchy throat , and an allergy suddenly starts with sneezing attacks. The

itching in the nose, eyes and mouth associated with hay fever is often absent

from the common cold. In addition, the nasal secretion is very viscous in the

case of an infection and thin in the case of allergies. And the most important

point of distinction: hay fever only occurs when pollen is flying.

What happens in the body when hay fever? Why do some people react with

unpleasant symptoms to substances that are harmless per se, such as bee pollen?

This is due to the fact that the human immune system has an important task to

perform. It is supposed to protect the body from attackers. If he ingests a

foreign substance through his nose, skin or gastrointestinal tract, his immune

system starts checking it. Is the foreign substance harmless or dangerous? If

the immune system detects danger, such as from bacteria and viruses, it is its

task to start a defense reaction. In allergy sufferers, the immune system is

not always able to distinguish between harmful and harmless environmental

substances. It classifies some harmless substances such as pollen as dangerous.

phase is called sensitization, because the allergic complaints are still

absent. The defense work, which is associated with sneezing and sniffing, only

begins when the alleged attacker is contacted again . Only when humans come

into contact with pollen for the second time, do the IgE antibodies cause so-

called mast cells to act. They release inflammatory messengers. The best known

is histamine. Within a few minutes, but at the latest after two hours,

histamine causes the typical symptoms with itchy eyes and sniffing noses. This

makes hay fever an immediate allergic type (type I reaction).

Cross allergies Many hay fever patients suffer from food allergies at the same

time . They eat certain foods, itchy and itchy lips and mouth, they get

abdominal pain and bloating . Happiness in misfortune is that you do not have

two allergies at the same time, but a pollen-associated food allergy. This is

due to cross reactions between the pollen and the food,because both have

allergens that are the same or similar. For example, those who react to early

bloomers such as birch often have problems biting into an apple. Mugwort

allergy often cannot tolerate celery, hot peppers or raw carrots. The cross

allergies do not always have to occur, they can be limited to the time of the

respective pollen flights.

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