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CBD Blüten Deutschland

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Germany began to mark passports of Jews with a J-stamp in 1938 ( regulation on

passports of Jews ). Switzerland only granted asylum to political refugees (and to those

who were not persecuted “on racial grounds”). At the Évian Conference in July 1938,

Switzerland also refused to accept a certain contingent of refugees on a permanent basis

and insisted on having only one transit countryto stay, which is why only emigrants were

allowed to enter Switzerland who could demonstrate that they could continue traveling as

soon as possible. In response, the Jewish National Councilor David Farbstein resigned in

the Dübendorf airfield was the home base of Swissair. The ongoing crisis also led to the

emergence of a right-wing anti-Marxist national renewal movement in Switzerland, the

front movement .

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After the Nazi regime came to power in Germany (and parallel to the

establishment of the Austro-Fascist corporate state in Austria), the Swiss renewal

movements felt an upswing in the “ front spring ” (spring 1933), but they were unable to

post any noteworthy political successes. Despite strong political tension and a crisis of

confidence in the state government, the popular initiative launched by the National Front

for a total revision of the federal constitution failed on September 8, 1935, with which

a fascist transformation of Switzerland should have been brought about. The fascist-

national socialist threat brought the SP and the trade union movement with the bourgeois

parties closer together. The SP gave up its role in the opposition and recognized

national defense and democracy in a new party program. With a resolution of September 27,

1936, the Federal Council devalued the Swiss franc by 30 percent; this contributed to a

recovery in the export economy and an end to the economic crisis. With the peace

agreement in the metal and watchmaking industry in July 1937 [54] between employer and

employee organizations, the period of social partnership and collective labor agreements

began . In the 1930s, further federal laws replaced cantonal solutions. In 1932, road

traffic was introduced as a federal matter and the federal law on motor vehicle and

bicycle traffic . In 1938, in two referendums, Romansh was recognized as the fourth

national language and the Swiss Criminal Code (StGB) was approved (it came into force on

January 1, 1942).

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With him the death penalty was abolished. The last person to be

executed after a civil criminal trial was the 32-year-old three-time murderer Hans

Vollenweider on October 18, 1940 . During the Second World War, 17 traitors were declared

under military criminal lawshot. The death penalty has also been constitutionally

prohibited since 1999. [55] Homosexual acts were also legalized in 1942 (→ History of

Homosexuality in Switzerland ). After Austria's annexation to the German Reich (March

1938), Switzerland returned to integral neutrality, [56] [57] which was recognized by the

League of Nations . Under the impression of German expansion ( armament of the

Wehrmacht ), Swiss politicians, scholars and military officials reaffirmed Switzerland's

intellectual and military will to resist and assert itself. Federal Councilor Hermann

Obrecht proclaimed «Anyone who should attack our independence [...] will find war

waiting! We Swiss will not go on pilgrimages abroad first. " “ Intellectual national

defense ” became a formative element of Swiss cultural and intellectual life well into

thePost-war period . After the introduction of the Nuremberg Race Laws in Germany, the

emigration and flight of German Jews to Switzerland increased (→ Judaism in Switzerland )

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