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Protests in Minneapolis: why the situation is getting out of control - and what

could stop the escalation Instead of appeasing the US president threatens the

demonstrators to send the national guard soon.

Renzo Ruf from Washington May 29, 2020, 7.48 p.m.

Listen Notice To press share Angry people in Minneapolis and St. Paul also

demonstrated against the death of African American George Floyd, who was killed

in a police operation, on Friday. The protests have escalated.

Table of Contents That is why history is important What it is about Why

everything escalated Why did President Trump interfere? How the whole thing

could end Video: Protesters set fire to police station That is why history is

important African American George Floyd (46) was brutally arrested and died in

police custody last Monday. For many Americans, the incident illustrates how

brutally people with dark skin tones are repeatedly attacked by law enforcement

officers. Although Floyd did not currently object to his arrest, the white

policeman Derek Chauvin used extreme measures to hold him to the ground. A

video by an eyewitness shows Floyd saying, "I can't breathe."

Sheer anger: A protester shouts at a police representative during the protests

in Minneapolis. Sheer anger: A protester shouts at a police representative

during the protests in Minneapolis. Picture: AP / Keystone (Minneapolis, May

28, 2020) What it is about • Floyd was arrested on Monday for allegedly using

forged documents in a takeaway.

• Initially, the police said Floyd had resisted his arrest. However, an

eyewitness video showed that this is not true.

• The video shows police officer Derek Chauvin pressing his knee against the

neck of Floyd lying on the ground for several minutes.

• Floyd complained audibly about not being able to breathe. He also bled from

the nose.

• Finally, Floyd was transported to an ambulance. A short time later he was


• On Tuesday, Mayor Jacob Frey, a left-wing democrat, released the police

involved in the arrest. Derek Chauvin, the cop responsible for the death of

George Floyd, is in police custody.

• On Friday evening (Swiss time), the Hennepin County District Attorney, to

which Minneapolis belongs, announced that he had filed a lawsuit against the

police officer for murder and manslaughter. He expects further steps to be

taken regarding the other police officers involved, but Derek Chauvin was at

the center of the initial investigation.

Why everything escalated • Floyd's family members demand that the police be

charged with murder.

Why did President Trump interfere? • Trump stood out in the 2016 election

campaign as a politician who wanted to uphold “law and order”. This

announcement was also directed against the "Black Lives Matter" civil rights

movement, which is protesting against police brutality.

• As the protests escalated, the well-known pattern repeated: Trump called the

black demonstrators "thugs" on Friday night as criminals.

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