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and with it the duration of the search, everyone would be found, says Herzog.

In Aargau, a case is dealt with within a day. This is also the case with Fredy

Koller, who heads contact tracing in the canton of St.Gallen.


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«Research depends on the exact information provided by the patient and the

timely availability of the contact persons. As a rule, tracing, including

contacting, takes a maximum of one hour after first contact with the patient,

»explains Koller, who currently has a total of 20 employees in St.Gallen for

contact tracing.

Five tracers are on duty each day, all of whom come from the care sector in

St.Gallen. In the canton of Zurich, eight tracers are currently still working

at the headquarters at Zurich Airport. In Aargau's “Conti” there are five part-

time tracers and three civil servants.

Successful traceability The traceability record is very gratifying, is

explained at all three locations. "Traceability was successful in around 90

percent of all cases," says Koller in St.Gallen. The person tested positive is

isolated by cantonal decree for ten days. And people in close contact are

quarantined for ten days.

From the moment the contact person meets the infected person. The isolation may

only be left after ten days if the affected persons show no symptoms 48 hours

before the end. If symptoms are found in quarantine, that person must be


Herzog says that the tracer's work is not yet complete. The “Conti” contact

tracers call infected people and contact persons every day to inquire about

their well-being and to be able to draw conclusions about other contagion


Family, friends and work The evaluation of the recycling shows that the

infections can be divided into three groups: through the family, through

friends and acquaintances and at work. According to the health department of

the Canton of Zurich, half of the infections are in the family, the rest are

spread out.

However, family members must have picked up the virus somewhere. Finding the

exact origin is difficult. «The site of infection is hardly recognizable for

newly infected people. With an incubation period of up to ten days, i.e. the

time from infection to the appearance of symptoms, it can hardly be determined

in retrospect where exactly a person was infected », says Cantonal doctor

Yvonne Hummel from Aargau:

“The situation is different for people in quarantine. In these cases, the

infection chain is easy to understand. » So far, 14 people in the canton of

Aargau have been in quarantine. These were primarily infected in the family, at

work or at a barbecue.

No cases from public transport and sports clubs yet The places of infection

family, workplace and neighborhood mentioned above are the most common. To

date, no cases are known from restaurants, public transport or sports clubs in

the canton of Aargau. With the easing measures that have been taken, further

infection sites could be added, explains Hummel. This also includes protest


At the moment, the number of cases remains low and Eduard Herzog still has to

deal with one or two cases a day. There are currently 16 people in isolation

and 37 in quarantine in the canton of Zurich. With such positive numbers, it

must be assumed that compliance with hygiene measures in Switzerland is

becoming increasingly difficult.

This is monitored by social monitoring, which the Winterthur Institute for

Health Economics (WIG) operates at the ZHAW university of applied sciences

there. According to the health researcher Marc Höglinger, it shows that the

willingness not to visit and to stay at home is decreasing, which is in the

sense of the relaxation. Keeping a distance of two meters for the central

protective measure shows only a slight decrease in the analysis after two

months of lockdown. The researcher Marc Höglinger says:

"So the vast majority of people still stick to this important protective

measure in a disciplined manner." The willingness to wear a mask is also

increasing. "Around half of the population in Ticino is now doing this, while

in the other parts of the country it is a maximum of a quarter." A large number

of people are still severely restricted in terms of mobility. The acceptance of

the protective measures is still great.