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Slimming products promise easy slimming. Can it succeed?

And what needs to be considered when using it? The drug

experts of the Stiftung Warentest inform and evaluate frequently

sold over-the-counter and prescription-only slimming products -

in a large drug database and in the articles of test magazine.

Unlock entire article test Slimming products in the test 02/01/2020

€ 1.50 Unlock results You will receive the complete article. Promising

promises It is hard, the way to the dream figure. Capsules and Co.

arouse hope that the pounds will easily tumble. In some cases, the

advertising promises abundant weight loss and slender waistlines.

The preparations are marketed under terms such as satiety capsules,

fat burners, fat blockers or carbohydrate blockers. Just swallow and then

get thinner - can it work?

Best selling slimming products in the test For our drug database, medical

and pharmaceutical experts examined slimming products - those that,

according to market analyzes, are particularly often sold in pharmacies.

The experts assessed whether there were meaningful studies for them and

what they said. Some means at least create the judgment "suitable with


This is what the drug database of the Stiftung Warentest offers Test results.

Reviews for 13 pharmacy slimming products sold over the counter and

over the counter. As a flat-rate user or as a one-off call, you can also read

other ratings from Stiftung Warentest - on a total of more than 9,000

medications for 132 diseases.

Prices. Constantly updated prices for the different pack sizes. Tips and

background. Instructions for use of the evaluated preparations plus general

measures to help you lose weight.

Magazine articles. Would you like to read the magazine's magazine articles

on the topic of slimming products? You can download the test reports here

after activation as a PDF. It contains classifications of around 20 over-the-

counter slimming products and information on formulas.

From non-prescription drugs to "slimming syringe" In addition to over-

the-counter medications, prescription drugs were also included. These

include preparations with amphetamines and the "slimming syringe" Saxenda

with the active ingredient liraglutide. Another active ingredient called Orlistat

is available in prescription in higher doses and is available over-the-counter

in lower doses - with different ratings. The other over-the-counter slimming

products in our database - for example with chitosan or with a fiber complex

plus vitamins - are legally considered medical devices.

Slimming products in many sales channels Many other over-the-counter

slimming products from pharmacies, drugstores, supermarkets, health food

stores, and online shops are marketed as medical products or food supplements.

They are subject to less strict rules than the approval of medicines. Our last

major test of such preparations took place in 2014. You will receive it as a PDF

after activation. He provides information on 20 slimming products and also on

formulas such as Almased, Slimfast, Yokebe.

Kill the yo-yo effect Basically, even if slimming products are effective, the

pounds often return quickly after stopping. This dreaded yo-yo effect is

only a snip if you change your habits. Moving more, eating less calories -

that remains the recipe. More information on this topic can be found in our

database and in our current report on psychological help for overweight.

Lose weight: diet and slimming products In the past, diets were in season

at the end of winter - so that those wanting to lose weight would become

slim by spring. They trusted cabbage soup or ate half of it. Today, diets are

popular all year round, also because new, promising concepts are constantly

emerging. Be it low carb according to Robert Atkins, Hollywood diet or

Volumetrics: All diets promise to have found the magic formula for losing

weight. The Stiftung Warentest evaluates what Humbug is and what actually

works. Fewer

Beware of false promises Diet programs that mainly advertise with before

and after pictures and promise great weight loss within a short time are not

very serious. Slimming products from the Internet, which are known as fat

burners or appetite suppressants, often turn out to be really dangerous. A

test of slimming products shows that many contain high doses of dangerous

substances that can even be life-threatening. In any case, it means: hands off.

Even small steps help in everyday life Not everyone needs a diet with iron

rules. It helps some people to be able to choose between foods more

consciously in everyday life and thus save unnecessary calories. For example,

by using tomato ketchup and not mayonnaise. These small but effective

tricks teach the books The Incidental Diet and The Incidental Diet for

working people.

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