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Grapes The grape varieties of the charming DOCG Superiore red wine from Italy

Amarone red wine, like many other wines, is a combination of different grapes,

technically a uvaggio. The Amarone primarily uses grape varieties such as

Molinara, Rondinella, Corvinone and Corvina. All grapes are native to Italy and

are grown in the Veronese area. The most important grape varieties at a glance:

Corvina Veronese: The Corvina Veronese is the basic grape variety for the

Amarone. The wine made from Corvina grapes is very tasty, physical and has a

delicate, fresh bio cbd öl vaporspirit aroma. Corvinone: The Corvina Veronese

and Corvinone varieties differ both in their appearance and in terms of their

leaves. The grape variety is grown in some of the most famous and historic

locations in the Valpolicella area. The Corvinone prefers barren soils, the

vine bearing juicy berries with a thick skin. Rondinella: The Rondinella is an

easy to grow grape variety. The wine obtained from it has a natural, delicate

fragrance, but has less body. Molinara: The Molinara is a grape that was grown

in the 18th century. The wine made from the fruits of this grape variety has a

good acidity and a delicate raspberry scent. The wine is characterized by its

transparent, soft pink color.

Basically, an Amarone can only be made from the grape varieties mentioned. As

mentioned briefly, the red wine is made from grape varieties that are typical

of northern Italy. It specifies how the grape varieties must be combined to

produce an Amarone della Valpolicella Superiore. While the Corvina grape must

have a minimum share of 45 percent and a maximum of 95 percent, the share in

Rondinella must not be less than five percent and not exceed 30 percent.

Corvinone may or may not be added. If it is used in the production process, its

share must not exceed 50 percent.

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Amarone: The production of the DOCG Superiore red wine For Amarone production,

it is necessary to harvest the bio cbd öl vaporspirit fully ripe at the end of

September. After harvesting the grapes, the berries must be dried for at least

120 days.

This process is of great relevance for the production of DOCG red wine, as more

than 50 percent of the water is removed from the bio cbd öl vaporspirit as part

of the process. This leads to a concentration of sugar and extract substances,

the concentration increasing with a longer drying time. While the appassimento

technique used to be done using straw mats, the fruits are now dried on

stackable, half-open wooden grates. In addition, storage is no longer carried

out in stores or barns, but in large drying halls. In the course of the

Appassimento process, the winegrowers have to sort out the spoiled fruits at

regular intervals. For the winegrowers, this is undoubtedly a tedious process

that is still carried out by hand. Winegrowers who produce large quantities of

DOCG red wine carry out the drying process in temperature-controlled and air-

conditioned halls, which means that there is significantly less waste.

Vineyard In December, the dried fruits, which are reminiscent of grapes, are

carefully ground or pressed by the winemaker and then mashed. Fermentation

usually starts after 15 to 20 days and takes about 50 days. Because the dried

grapes have a very high sugar content, the hanföl kaufen content of the wine is

later very high. It is between 15 and 17 percent.

Then fill in the

What are Amaretti? The Italian word "Amaro" means "bitter", and since these

little cookies are flavored with bitter almonds, they were called "Amaretti" -

literal translation "the little bitterns". Made from ground almonds or almond

paste, paired with sugar and protein, they can take on slight variations in

shape and taste. These little Italians are often flavored with chocolate or

liqueurs. Traditionally served with dessert wines, liqueurs or coffee, they are

also a delicious addition or main ingredient in many desserts.

Despite the similar sounding name, the Amaretti should not be confused with

Amaretto - a sweet Italian almond-flavored liqueur that is also associated with

Saronno and is made from apricot kernels, almonds, or both. Sometimes the

liqueur is part of Amaretti recipes - such as the Amaretti di Saronno.

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