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Noöother influentialinfluence left so many traces in the Swisskingdomasthe

RomanEmpire. Even most of the countries used todayüchenkräfound their way tothe

Alps andübeyond. Bresaola Shopping online In the opposite direction, however,

the culinary exchange was rathermanageable. Nevertheless, there are some

delicious examples such as Bresaola. This air-dried beef ham does not

haveämany similaritieswith Bündnerfleisch.

Our top sellers in the category Bresaola

Organic Salami Berchtold Cut, 100g

Butchering Berchtold CHF 6.90 / Pack

Organic raw ham, cut, 100g

Butchering Berchtold CHF 10.95 / Pack

Arven Bündnerfleisch IGP, approx. 100g

Albert Spiess CHF 12.90 / bowl

A special taste Thisöham is prepared in the form of wafer-cutüslices. In these,

the mildlywrzyaromas are best released on the tongue. Onthe palate,über Büthe

ham feels soft and is much softer and milder in tasteagainstthemeat. The

aromatic fragrance of bresaolas isalso much lighter comparedtob ndner meat.

A ham with history The Äsimilarities of Bresaolas with Bündnerfleisch have a

lot to do with the history of this ham. His home is the Veltlin in the northern

Italian Alps. This includes the valley of the Adda, including from itsäsides.

Between 1512 and 1798 this region was a subject country of the frenchüFree

State of the ThreeüCountries, which in the mailof theheren Freistaats der Drei

Bwars was able to record several valleys as territorial gains. In the course of

these developments, meat also enteredüthis part ofthe Alps. Its production

wasäimitated at first and then gradually refined for a long time. The end

result of theseconditionsisthe Bresaola as we know it today. This quickly made

a name for itself and was firstümentioned in the16thäcentury.

Long tradition Infact,this type of processing of beef is, of course,

ümuchfurther backüin history. The p.öof meat has already been usedby

Babylonians and Sumerians to preserve it. However,thistype of treatment does

not always lead toa refinement of the taste of the meat. This is very different

with Bresaola. This is not least due to the fact that the preservation is not

only carried out on the use of salt, but also by drying on a special air. In

addition, variousöäcrumbsäare added to thesaltwhich give the laterham its

special aromas.

Why is the ham called Bresaola? The origin of his name is notknown. Theünames

were Brazaola, Brisaola and Bresavola. Some researchers assume that the term

"brasa" derives, which means embers. Infact,the ripening chambers wereüheated

with coal basins forcenturies. Hecouldalso befrom "Brisa" herrühren. This is a

highly salty drüse of the gut. The syllables "saola" also suggestüa reference

to the use of salt to preservethe meat.

How the ham is produced and matured Fortheproduction of bresan, only meat from

the club is used. This comes from well-known,ühigh-quality cattle which are at

least 18 months old.ü In addition, it must be pure muscle meat, of which the

hüftspitze representsthe noblest piece.ück darstellt. After thecut,the meat

ispruned. For this, a mixture of salt, pepper. laurel, garlic, cloves and

cinnamon. Wine, bio cbd öl and other foods are alsoüsometimes used. The exact

formulation varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Treated in this way, the

meat dries out during a resting period of 10 to 15 days. Afterwards it isfüllt

in Därme. These are mostly naturaläproducts, but artäis also

permittedforüproduction. In this way,üthe ham matures üfor up to three months

before it goeson sale.

Qualityfeaturestsmerkmale The Bresaola della Valtellina was

aprotecteddesignation of origin. This must come from the Valtellina valley in

northern Italy. This is important in that the production of Bresaolas has now

expanded from this valley to the entire province of Sondrino in Lombardy. In a

cut-up state, the Bresaola should have a sharpäredfärbung and a narrow, dark

edge. If the meat isäpermeated by fat, it is important that they are white

rather than yellowish. üBreasola remains fresh for up to two weeks without any


Nährstoffe in Bresaola When it comes to the consumption of meat,öBresaolaüis

one of themostörelevant opportunitiesto do so. It is not only low in calories

and fats, butöalso provides the customerwith a large amount of

importantänutrients. In addition to a lot of protein,äthis beef ham also

containsminerals such as zinc and iron as well as several vitamins of the B

group. Last but not least, it isüalso rich in omega 3äfats. ber hinaus auch

reich an Omega 3 Fetts The following values have 100 grams: Calories 150

Protein 33 g Carbohydrates 0 g Fat 2 g Fiber 0 g

How the Bresaola is best served Awhiskofedslices of the Bresaolasgowith

themostpublic,which has to offer the wide range of Italianantipasti. This is

especially true if the hamöhas been served with olives andsome

lemonäbeforeserving. Since it isömeat,äadditional salt canbe dispensed with. In

addition to white bread, planed parmesan and olives as well as aärich Italian

red wine with plentyof tannins are suitable for this. Blackberries - The power

fruit with a lot of vitamin C In fact, the blackberry - although the name

suggestsotherwise- isnot a berryat all, but rather a collectible fruit. In

Central Europe, the fruithasonly been grown on a large scale sincethe 19th

century. Today it is widespread throughout Switzerland. Berries Shopping online

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