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Add the bay leaf and buy it until the bread. Don't forget: Describe the bay

leaf before you eat.

It tastes like summer: sausage meat with tomato and mozzarella salad Let the

frozen peas thaw and briefly soak them in hot water. Halve colorful cocktail

tomatoes. Drain the mini mozzarella and the silver onions and cut in half. Pick

with the basil, wash and pat dry, cut into fine strips. Heat the butter and fry

the kügeli all around. Described and managed with everyone else. Mix a dressing

from some vegetable stock, oil, herb vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper and chives.

listen and teach Tips: Fresh baguette or ciabatta (best bake yourself!).

Alternatively, fry the wizzlethebread, work vinegar in the pan and fold under

the salad just before serving.

Tips for correct storage The sausage spoils relatively quickly, so it is

necessary to store the sausage meat properly. You have to be good and have to

be your own days. For a final storage, it is decided to thaw the heating bars

and then in your own oven commands. Bratwurst - The grill miracle sausage

Bratwurst is one of the most popular sausage specialties in Central Europe and

at home in many areas. This is also autumn in Switzerland. The veal sausage

must find a certain reputation here. sausage buy online

The colors are many years old and can belong to a large number of numbers.

Which rights do not belong in and around the sausage is a matter of taste. All

sausages from Lausanne to St. Gallen interests are undisputed.

Our bestseller in the bratwurst category

Wiediker-Rostbratwurst Original "Wiedikerli", 4 pieces, 330g

Metzgerei KellerZ ürich CHF 13.95 / pack

Organic veal sausage, 110 g

Slaughter Berchtold CHF 3.25 / sausage

Organic veal cipollata, 5 pieces, approx. 160 g

Slaughter Berchtold CHF 7.90 / pack

Organic Buure sausage, 120 g

Slaughter Berchtold CHF 3.90 / sausage

Interesting facts about bratwurst

The history of the bratwurst Its origins go back quickly three thousand years,

and the bratwurst is more popular than ever. Apicius' Roman cookbook, written a

century before Christ, already contains a recipe for a type of sausage made

from goat and pork. The people must Description Description Homer's Odyssey

about six hundred years. What has the sophisticated specialty been called new

over the centuries? The perfection of the recipe took place in Central Europe

in the 18th and 11th centuries. In the German city of Coburg, Weimar, Nuremberg

and other countries that come from pork. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who was

also known, liked to settle in taverns, which the Nuremberg sausages around

1800 as smoked and lightly smoked. In Switzerland the bratwurst with the St.

Gallen OLMA their own way. Here it belongs to fine, tender veal.

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