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The main types of butter

There are many different types of butter. The main ones are:

Sweet Cream Butter: This art of butter can be made from milk and other.

Interesting facts about butter It is not known that the rights have been hit

the first time, but they believe that butter production was found in antiquity

and was by farmers. The likely representation of butter production is a more

than 5000 year old mosaic. Further the production process from milk to the

finished product is much faster and also more hygienic today, it follows

related guidelines as it did years ago.

Butter production In order to become a kilo of the affected fat, 25 liters of

milk are administered. If the raw milk has been checked for purity and quality,

it is placed in a centrifuge, i.e. H. A separator, fed. The separation of water

and fat takes place in this machine, skim milk and cream are found. Understand

the fat cards of the cream. This ranges from a minimum of 25 percent to a

maximum of 80 percent fat. In the first step, the cream is heated to around

100 ° C, so that certain enzymes are deactivated and health-free microorganisms

become. The cream is then heard. The process step in relation to the art of

the butter to be produced, since the ripening times are certain and the number

of years that have been added: sour cream butter is a combination of the

conditions and milk bacteria added to the variety of butterandide and the

development of the characteristic taste the product has to mature for seven to

ten hours. When milk-melted butter is used, the person with hearing loss is

preceded. Only when this has died is she a

right --------------------------------------- - ----------------------- Acid-

forming cocktail is added This process is different again when it comes to

cream butter, dies to fully develop its aroma, only one long time and way and

time. For example, cream butter ripens for up to 15 hours at a temperature of

ten degrees. Then it enters the world and without further additives the future

production continues, namely buttering, over. The last butter process was done

entirely by hand by farmers. The mass was hit in stems with wood handles, right

hand stems were trampled by pure muscle power until a smooth one was obtained.

Responsibility for this step is changed by a machine: a rotating steel cylinder

starts hitting. The cream is then made with the help of a butter production

right, the buttermilk remnants are separated, drained and the individual milk

fat fraction is. Rights concerned that felt fat becomes a smooth substance,

milk protein and water will also be absorbed. The end product is smooth,

aromatic butter that is corrected, packaged and roasted.