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Fehler beim CBD Kauf

Bevor Sie Cannabidiol Öl kaufen, achten Sie auf diese 10 Dinge

Bevor Sie CBD Öl kaufen, achten Sie auf diese 10 Dinge

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How you can meet your vitamin D requirements with edible mushrooms Edible

mushrooms can produce significant amounts of vitamin D when grown in the open

However, conventional cultivated mushrooms are usually grown in the dark.

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However, researchers found that edible mushrooms that are exposed to solar

radiation, vitamin D form .

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This is also possible with mushrooms that have

already been harvested.

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So you can put normal mushrooms in the sun, where 46,

000 IU of vitamin D are formed per 100 g of mushrooms after just 2 days of 6 hours

of sunshine.

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So only a few of these mushrooms per day are enough to meet

the vitamin D requirement. You can find details on this in the previous link.

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The Vitamin D Test: How To Test Your Vitamin D To find out your current vitamin

D level and thus the vitamin D dose you need, you can have a blood test carried out by your doctor.

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Vitamin D tests have long been available on the Internet.

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Such a test kit contains everything you need to draw a drop of blood from your


15 minuten, mundschleimhaut aufgenommen

You then send your blood sample to the specified laboratory and from

there you will receive your results - usually by email.

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Whether at the doctor's or at home, the vitamin D test is always used to

determine the 25-hydroxy-vitamin D3 value in the blood serum, i.e. the value of

the vitamin D3 storage form that also circulates in the blood.

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* You can find a vitamin D blood test here at this link.

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Vitamin D units: how to convert When the result of your vitamin D test arrives

from the laboratory, it can be expressed in three different units:

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ng / ml = nanograms per milliliter μg / l = micrograms per liter nmol / l =

nanomoles per liter If you get your values ​​in nmol / l and you want to

convert them to ng / ml or vice versa, it works quite simply, namely like this:

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x nmol / l: 2.5 = z ng / ml y ng / ml x 2.5 = z nmol / l Insert the values

​​from your analysis values ​​for x and y. z stands for the converted result.

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Now you only need the so-called standard or guide values ​​with which you can

compare your values ​​to see whether you are well supplied with vitamin D or

whether you have a deficiency.

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Vitamin D levels: These levels are normal, too low, too high Officially (DGE)

these reference values ​​are still given:

schmerzen und entzündungen

Deficiency: less than 30 nmol / l (= 12 ng / ml) Insufficiently supplied: 30

nmol / l to 50 nmol / l (= 12 ng / ml to 20 ng / ml) Well taken care of in

1000 ie, gramm cannabis, vitamin d3 tropfen, thc und cbd

terms of bone health: at least 50 nmol / l (= at least 20 ng / ml) A value of

at least 50 nmol / l - according to the DGE - can be achieved with an ingestion

of 20 µg vitamin D per day if the body does not produce its own vitamin D.

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However, from the point of view of many vitamin D experts, the above values

​​are set too low, which means that values ​​that are officially described as

good and sufficient in reality already indicate a deficiency.

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Today, however, we know that values ​​below 30 ng / ml are already inadequate

or at least not sufficient to survive the winter without a deficiency and that

values ​​between 40 and 80 ng / ml would be desirable.

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We therefore recommend that you orient yourself better to these values:

cannabidiol cbd, entzündungshemmenden eigenschaften

normal: 100 to 125 nmol / l (= 40 to 50 ng / ml) slight deficiency: 50 to 75

nmol / l (= 20 to 30 ng / ml) severe deficiency: less than 50 nmol / l (= 20 ng

/ ml) These vitamin D tablets or vitamin D preparations are recommended People

often ask which vitamin D tablets are the best. Vitamin D is rarely available

as tablets.

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There are, however, vitamin D capsules and vitamin D drops. Both

are clearly more recommendable than tablets, as the production of tablets

usually requires more additives and auxiliaries that can be saved with capsules

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The typical vitamin D tablets Vigantol ® 500 IU for infants, for example,

contain these additional substances in addition to vitamin D3:

kühlende wirkung

Highly dispersed silicon dioxide. Corn starch, sodium carboxymethyl starch (

type C), talc, magnesium stearate, sodium ascorbate, medium-chain

triglycerides, microcrystalline cellulose, mannitol, modified starch, sucrose,

α-tocopherol (15).

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We also recommend purely plant-based vitamin D3 supplements - either in capsule

Capsules are usually available in doses of 1,000 IU to 10,000 IU.

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The sale of capsules with a dose of 10,000 IU is not allowed - unless the

manufacturer writes on the packaging that you can only take 1 of these capsules

Individual supply is not so easy with capsules.

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Vitamin D3 drops can be dosed much more individually. 1 drop provides 1,000 IU

of vitamin D3, so that higher doses can easily be taken.

mct öl, trusted shops

Vitamin D3 drops are available - just like vitamin D3 capsules - combined with

vitamin K2. Since vitamin D3 can also be absorbed through the skin, the drops can

also be applied to the skin. We explained more about this in the previous link.

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Vitamin D for infants While it is officially always said that only a few people

are affected by a vitamin D deficiency, it is convinced that babies definitely

belong to the risk group for such a deficiency and therefore absolutely must

take vitamin D - as part of rickets prophylaxis for up to 1.5 years (until the

second spring experienced).

voltaren schmerzgel forte, cbd öl erfahrung

In addition, the infants receive 400 to 500 IU of vitamin D3 daily in tablet or

Since it is so difficult to dose drops and these can vary in size

depending on the temperature, it is safer (to avoid overdosing) to give the

infants tablets.

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