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According to Pro Velo, the umbrella organization for cyclists, the Swiss only

travel an average of one kilometer a day by bike. Since the outbreak of Covid-

19, this number should have been somewhat higher, as city dwellers in

particular do without buses and trams and instead opt for bicycles.

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But even

after returning to normality, the area of ​​use of bicycles in Switzerland

would be large: Around a third of all car trips and two thirds of trips in

local public transport are now less than three kilometers.

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With the bike, these

routes could often be covered faster and free of stress and emissions. There

are five reasons why we should cycle more often.

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Test your energy knowledge and win 500 francs in cash!ADVERTISING

The 20-minute energy quiz has started and can be played via the 20-minute app.

Answer ten questions about mobility in the latest round of quizzes on June 18.

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Get to your destination faster: cyclists are less stuck in traffic than

motorists, saving time and nerves, especially in cities. The tedious search for

a parking space is also eliminated. The bike always drives, is always ready to

go, and there are no technical faults or missed connections.

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Saving money: Compared to public or motorized transport, the bike is the

cheapest means of transportation. Just being on foot costs even less.

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Do something for your health: Exercising in the fresh air also strengthens and

enlarges the heart muscle. Those who cycle regularly have a lower resting heart

rate. The situation of human rights in China - such as the democracy movement

in Hong Kong or the oppressed Muslim minority of the Uyghurs - would not have

interested Trump. Trump is said to have even encouraged Xi to further suppress

and internment the Muslim minority in re-education camps.

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This can prevent heart attacks. Since cycling also gets your circulation

going, the risk of cardiovascular diseases also decreases. In addition, cycling

is easy on the joints and the back muscles are strengthened.

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As part of a

research project, doctors at the University Hospital in Tübingen demonstrated

that regular cycling can even counteract depression.

He is not interested in human rights Bolton also describes how China's Xi Trump

was well prepared and flattering at a G-20 summit, which prompted the US

president to make spontaneous concessions. In retrospect, Trump's advisors

tried to straighten the situation out again.

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Endorphins - the so-called

happiness hormones - are released after half an hour. They are responsible for

making active people feel more relaxed and suffering from depression less than

non-athletes. Bester Testsieger der Schweiz. Nur bei uns in Vapor Spirit.

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Fit for the Badi season: Depending on average speed, age, weight, fitness level

and gender of the cyclist, an hour of cycling burns up to 600 calories. When

mountain biking or racing cycling, the calorie consumption is quickly twice as


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The glutes in particular are trained while cycling. This makes the butt

more defined and crisp. Biking promotes muscle building throughout the body,

and the more muscles you have, the more energy is burned when you are at rest.

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Make a contribution to environmental and climate protection: A bicycle does not

produce any noise or CO2 emissions and is only slightly polluting the floor.

Trump and Xi are said to have been doing the best things at the G20 summit in

Japan in June 2019. Trump, according to Bolton, asked Xi to help him win the

November 2020 election by buying more soybeans and wheat from U.S. farmers.

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The consumption of a few drops of oil for the mechanical parts, rubber for

brakes and tires as well as the gray energy generated for the manufacture of a

bicycle has little impact on the environmental impact caused by cars.

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The End The media conference is closed. There will be no media conference with

federal experts this Friday. The next conference is scheduled for Monday. The

topic: the tracing app. White House wants to prevent publication The U.S.

government filed a lawsuit against the publication of the book on Tuesday .

Bolton disseminated secret information and thus also endangered national security,

it was said to justify. Bolton had received around two million dollars (1.78 million euros)

for the book, it said.

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Menschen mit Demenz mit Feuchtigkeit versorgen können. Die Alzheimer-

Gesellschaft arbeitet im Rahmen unseres Accelerator-Programms mit dem

Jelly Drops-Team zusammen.

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Lewis und das Jelly Drops-Team haben eng mit Pat und

anderen Menschen mit Demenz zusammengearbeitet, um

ihr fantastisches Produkt zu entwickeln.

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There is a need for coordination with neighboring countries, says

Berset. "We will not let the neighbors dictate the opening rhythm".

Question: Trump has pleaded with China's president "so that Xi can

make sure he wins," Bolton writes. "He emphasized the importance of

farmers and major Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat for the

outcome of the election."

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The cantons voluntarily pass on information on quarantine.

So the cantons that don't release numbers don't mean there aren't

quarantined people there?

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Woche wurde das Team auch bei Pitch @ Palace mit dem People's

Choice Award ausgezeichnet. Bringen Sie Jelly Drops zu den

Menschen, die sie brauchen Pompeo about Trump: "He talks so much shit"

Bolton also writes that it was clear that Trump's personal diplomacy with North

Korean ruler Kim Jong Un (36) would never lead to a satisfactory outcome.

During a meeting with the North Korean in 2018, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo

(56) put him a note in which he wrote about Trump: "He talks so much shit."

Pompeo also viewed Trump's North Korea policy as hopeless.

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Die Alzheimer-Gesellschaft freut sich, Jelly Drops im nächsten Jahr durch

unser Accelerator-Programm unterstützen zu können.

Does Finland belong to Russia? Bolton, who had worked closely with Trump

for a year and a half, also accused the president of frequently basing his foreign

policy on gut instinct and ignorance. For example, Trump did not know that

Britain was a nuclear power and once asked whether Finland was part of Russia.

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