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is treated more like carbohydrates by the body - but without their

disadvantages. Coconut oil, for example, does not cause blood sugar level

öl enthalten

Omega-6 fatty acids inhibit

the effect of thyroid hormones. But these are responsible for an active

metabolism . If they are blocked, the metabolism is reduced and fat is stored

instead of being used for energy production.

Because you supply your body with valuable

fats with high-quality cell building material, so that it is easier for it to

In industrially produced fats - and also in many finished products such as

biscuits, pastries, chips, French fries, sweets, etc. - there can also be

These trans fats make the cell walls more permeable,

promote inflammation and lead to extreme oxidative stress on the cell through

the formation of free radicals.

Which fats are actually ideal for losing weight?

For the cold kitchen, choose virgin olive oil, hemp oil , linseed oil (1 - 3

tablespoons of linseed oil per day) or a fine spice oil based on organic

A high-quality olive oil can also be used for heating at

relatively low temperatures. However, it is not suitable for frying or deep-

frying. For the hot kitchen (for frying, baking and cooking), on the other

hand, a high-quality virgin organic coconut oil and - if you are not vegan -

organic ghee, the clarified butter from the Ayurveda kitchen, are best suited.

In Ayurveda, ghee is considered to be an agni-strengthening food.

Agni here

means the digestive fire. The better the digestion works, the faster metabolic

waste can of course be eliminated and the better the permanent weight loss.

Coconut oil is preferred by the body to generate energy and not to store fat.

If the body wanted to get the coconut oil

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