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Vitamin D protects against colds and other acute respiratory infections A major

meta-analysis published in 2019 in Health Technology Assessment - a weekly,

peer-reviewed open access journal - showed that vitamin D can protect against

acute respiratory infections (3).

Researchers at Queen Mary University in London had evaluated the data from 25

randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies with almost 11,000

participants (between 0 and 95 years of age) and found that the protective

effect occurred especially when those people were taking vitamin D who had

previously been low Had vitamin D levels.

When the vitamin D level was compared with the risk of getting a positive Covid-

19 test result, a study at the beginning of September 2020 showed that people

with low vitamin D levels had a 1.77 times higher risk had a positive test than

people with sufficiently high vitamin D levels (11).

A low vitamin D level thus increases the risk of infections, while the proper

supply of vitamin D is an important measure to strengthen the immune system and

get through the cold and flu season healthily.

Vitamin D and cancer Professor Holick is of the opinion that the active vitamin

D can not only prevent colds, flu and bone diseases such as osteoporosis,

osteomalacia and rickets, but also prevent the unhealthy cell growth typical of

cancer directly on site in the prostate, breast and intestinal cells (14) .

In Germany, vitamin D deficiency is also so widespread that it cannot be linked

to a particular diet. The Robert Koch Institute reported on its website as of

January 25, 2019 that, according to the study on adult health in Germany (DEGS

1), more than half of the 6,995 participants between the ages of 18 and 79

suffered from an undersupply of vitamin D. suffered. According to the Study on

the Health of Children and Adolescents in Germany (KiGGS), more than 45 percent

of the more than 10,000 examined children and adolescents aged 1 to 17 years (5)


Vitamin D in dogs and cats While humans have the natural ability to produce

vitamin D, dogs and cats do not (1). You must get vitamin D through your diet -

either vitamin D3 from animal foods or vitamin D2 from plant foods, only dogs

can use both forms, cats most likely only vitamin D3.

* You can find recommended vitamin D supplements here under this link

The chances of survival with cancer have

been shown to increase if the patient is well supplied with vitamin D.

In 2013, a study (on a total of 176 Pakistani people between 20 and 80 years of

age) found that non- vege tarians had lower vitamin D levels than vege tarians,

with those people in both population groups having slightly higher values ​​who

were in rural areas lived when the city dwellers (4).

First of all, it is important to know that significantly more factors are

necessary for the development of skin cancer than now and then sunbathing. From

a holistic point of view, the risk factors for skin cancer include the

following: insufficient antioxidant status, imbalance in the intestinal flora,

weak immune system, hypersensitive skin and also a vitamin and / or mineral


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