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contributed to not eating too much and being able to maintain your weight (3).

So if you incorporate whole grain pasta into your overall healthy diet and like

. Why you should prepare

pasta al dente Since the glycemic index of noodles is still in the framework (

below 50, only GI values above 50 are considered high), noodles are low-

glycemic foods - but only if they are prepared al dente (2). Soft-boiled pasta

has a GI of 50 to 55. The GI increases in the course of the cooking process

because the starch is gelatinized and thus easily digestible, which means that

the body can easily break it down into sugar. 3. Why you should let pasta cool

down first If you cook pasta, the starch contained - as explained above - is

It can be digested more easily, i.e. more easily broken down by

the digestive enzymes (the amylases), so that you then consume more calories.

Compared to raw pasta, the GI increases. If you let the noodles cool again (

overnight in the refrigerator, better 24 hours at temperatures between -7 and +

7 degrees Celsius), part of the gelatinized starch forms what is known as

resistant starch. It is called "resistant" because it can no longer be split

and digested by the amylases and therefore hardly provides any calories. The GI

The resistant starch goes undigested into the large

intestine, where it is fermented by the intestinal bacteria located there, so

it even has a prebiotic effect (prebiotic = nourishing and supporting the

intestinal flora). So to use this effect, you could always prepare pasta the

day before and serve it as a pasta salad the next day. After cooling down at

night, the pasta can also be warmed up again and prepared as a warm meal, since

the resistant starch (which in this case is called retrograded starch) can no

longer gelatinize, but remains resistant despite heating. However, you should

store the pasta in the refrigerator without any other ingredients, especially

without fat, since fat can inhibit the retrogradation of starch. 4. Do not

serve high-fat sauces with the pasta Of course, you should also be careful not

to serve the pasta with a high-fat sauce or a lot of high-fat cheese, because

these additions very quickly increase the calorie count of the entire dish.

Instead of cream sauce or pesto, fresh vegetable sauces are best suited. How

many pasta per serving? Often you cook far too many pasta, which quickly leads

to an unhealthy pasta orgy, because then apart from pasta with sauce, hardly

. It is better to serve a salad or soup as a starter and

as a main course a small portion of pasta with lots of vegetables and a patty,

About 70 g dry noodles or 150 g cooked

noodles are therefore sufficient per serving. For a noodle soup, you don't need

more than 20 g dry noodles per serving (1/4 liter), i.e. about 80 g soup

Do noodles make you fat? Do noodles make you fat or not?

Noodles do not automatically make you fat. Dick makes the overall diet and

So if you occasionally eat whole-grain

pasta in manageable quantities accompanied by a lot of vegetables or salads, if

you prepare the pasta al dente and possibly cook the pasta the day before to

enjoy the resistant starch it contains, even pasta can help you lose weight. •

You can also find numerous weight loss tips here: Lose weight healthy • (2)

Chiavaroli L et al., Effect of pasta in the context of low-glycaemic index

dietary patterns on body weight and markers of adiposity: a systematic review

and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials in adults, BMJ Open. 2018; 8 (

3): e019438

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