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Scientists at Oxford University have no evidence in a study

found for this hypothesis.

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War "(Image: Mark Blinch / Reuters) Whether violence in those involved in violence in

The reality-oriented has been a controversial topic since

keeps boiling up - especially after killing spree in schools. Scientist

The University of Oxford has now dealt with the same measures

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In a study with around a thousand teenagers aged 14 and 15

The researchers concluded that playing violent games was not an option

lead more aggressive behavior - not even if healed more intensively


Willingness to use violence in everyday life

Violent games give no indication of an "error tipping point" on the player

tended to be more violent, the researchers said. For your investigation

Let the scientists play the teenage violent games

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Comparative month.

A policy was charged for managing the violence levels of the CBD

Management system based on the European and fixed

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No measurable influence This is where the investigation differs from many

other studies on the subject in which adolescent participants reached the violence level


Addiction potential of the digital world Addiction researchers see parents and schools in

the duty that media literacy belongs to and adolescents

Different meanings. Above all, however, it is worth considering earliest age ratings

in computer games. In addition, loaded with addictive potential, CBD does not contribute to children

and differentiate.

In June, the World Health Organization (WHO) relied on the Internet

and online games in our own global Accessible Diseases Catalog

added. The decision is, however, guidelines.

A little more than two weeks ago there was a criminal complaint against Gianni Infantino rights, the interests of the world football association Fifa, regarding the amounts Bern-Mittelland. In short, a lawyer at a court is a second ad that is not only against Infantino, but also against federal attorney Michael Lauber. This was rejected on Friday by the NZZ Christof Scheurer, the information officer for finance in the canton of Bern.

In the criminal complaint, Federal Attorney Lauber is careful about favoritism. Bern is at the center of the complainant because two of the three unrecorded meetings in the Hotel Schweizerhof there were heard. One of these meetings took place next to the Qatari embassy, ​​which is temporarily housed in the old hotel. This meeting is also important because it may be remembered by the four participants.

In principle, the receipt of a criminal complaint is not particularly relevant. Anyone can do that. But if an ad concerns the federal prosecutor, it will be dealt with quickly. It hardly lies in the competence of a perspective like Bern-Mittelland, the control of the control, the display of a criminal case or the non-consideration. There is no prejudice against this, but a federal agency is being checked.

The criminal complaints were triggered by an interview with the criminal law expert Markus Mohler in the CH-Media newspapers. In it, Mohler firmly expressed the opinion that the rights of the canton of Be


Promote health. Save lives. Serve the vulnerable. Visit who.int

These of the political questions have heard the judicial commission, which has heard impeachment proceedings against Federal Attorney Lauber. The Federal Administrative Court in St. Gallen is also dependent on a certain Laubers, with whom he is resisting a wage cut that the supervisory authority (AB-BA) had imposed on him.

It is also not yet clear who needs to be heard about the various criminal charges. The initiation of a possible behavior for Infantino is less as narrow as for Lauber. Fifa's statutes stipulate that the President will be differentiated from being suspended, leading against him. That was probably the case with Joseph Blatter when the federal prosecutor initiated criminal proceedings against him in 2015 - which is still pending.

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