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Bratwinthe Swiss tradition The OLMA bratwurst is a very special kind of sausage

and strict legal guidelines. They make theirs in taste and perception. It must

contain at least 24% veal and 20% Swiss pork. Milk and milk powder from

Switzerland, pepper and macis are part of the bratwurst. It is finely brewed in

various intestinal containers and for half an hour. In the end, it weighs

exactly 160 grams. For this purpose the St. Gallen Bürli, a traditional beard,

separate rights, mustard and other sauces are taboo. The mindfulness of the

St. Gallen OLMA-Bratwurst can also be found in the production of its

"relatives", the St. Gallen Bratwurst, Kinderfest-Bratwurst and the 500 to 900

gram heavy "Schnägg". From the OLMA sausage, the Glarner Kalberwurst differs by

stretching the breadäby adding bread anda nutmeg note. The üproduction of the

Waadtlander Bratwurst is also traditionally produced and monitored, which is

added not onlywith macis and pepper, but also ginger, cardamom, marjoram and

white wine. It isrolled up like a snarefor frying.

Variations in serving Grillers everywhere have different ideasüabout how to

cook and grill the perfectwater.

Pure bratwurst or withbrtchen Bratwistraditionally full of good meat, which is

finely wolfed and tasted. In order not to spoil this taste,äthe sausage is

gladly served pure. A freshly bakedfruitcan serve as an aromaticside dish.

Bratwatthe most durable Thepurchasesaremostly fresh. They can be easily frozen

and stored for up to four months, welded in. The meat remains juicy. When

thawing, care should be taken to ensure that any leakage offlusfrom the meat

dries itout. Bratw lastsüless long. Like all fresh meat products, they should

be consumed about two days after purchase. Ingredients to be served are always

stored individually.

Bratwononion bed Mustard and Brötli: Bratwürste areäofferedon the brimäat

grillsin the Europeanäinterior stunäonthe hand in the bröö tchen. Depending on

the price range, ambience and type of food,üthey are served with mustard coated

without any other ingredients. Refine pans with bratwürste: Bratwürste are

excellent for combining with potato and rice pans. They canbecut before or

after frying and tasteäclassic dishes such asroast potatoes, western potatoes

and sptzlidue to their strong taste. This fits withüthe dishes: All dishes that

canübe servedöwith marjoram and thyme,basically alsofitäwith bratwürsten.

Sweetüpepper dishes such as Letscho taste too manyüdishes and so alsoto roast.ü

Grilled and fried gemsüalso complete the meal. Last but not least,ägently fried

mushrooms areexcellent with bratw.ürsten.

All side dishes shouldäbeserved separately with thesausage, instead of übeing

giventhe specialdishes. This isthe only wayto get the finetaste.

Würste properly fry or grill When grilling Bratwürsten, every grillmaster and

chef has his own preferences. Freshly stuffedbrewsare first brewed,üthen

briefly driedand fried. On the charcoal grill,öthe sausageis cooked for about

ten minutes until the meat is fried. Roasting in a frying pan or oven with

grillfunction whileäother ingredients are cooked is alsopossible.glich. Whether

fried in the pan, oven or grill, the sausage must be pierced or sliced after

about two minutes. Otherwise, it builds up a pressure inside and bursts. As

aresult,the fluidity in the meat islost and it dries out. Onions canbefried in

the samepan, depending on the recipe. They give off further röstaroma and fry

in the animal fat.

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