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Bio cbd öl schweiz

bio cbd öl

Made from hemp plants grown in accordance with the precepts of organic farming,

CBD oil 10% is one of the flagship products of CBD Corner. The oil is

characterized by its optimal quality and its absence of THC. Its average

cannabidiol concentration makes it an ideal candidate if you are just starting

out with CBD. Online sale of CBD 🙂

In the formula "CBD oil 10%", the percentage corresponds to the concentration

of cannabidiol. Here, this concentration is 10%, which means that the oil

contains 1000 mg of CBD per 10 ml of product. This is a dosage considered to be

"average" in the sense that it is between 5% oils and 20% oils, each dosage

corresponding to different needs. But there is also talk of an "optimal" dosage

in that it is suitable for most consumers and the cases to be treated.

CBD oil is a product from the Cannabis Sativa hemp plant, rich in CBD and low

in THC. CBD and THC are both cannabinoids, but their effects are distinct:

while the second produces a "hovering" (psychotropic) effect, the first is

characterized by its many benefits on the body and on the psyche, without the

disadvantages of THC. In this regard, French law is strict: it stipulates that,

to be legal, a final product like CBD oil must be made from plants with a THC

concentration of less than 0.2%. Why trust CBD Corner to buy its 10% CBD oil?

The optimal concentration of CBD oil 10% makes it an ideal product to start

taking cannabidiol, especially if you do not know what is the right dosage. The

use of this oil covers a very wide spectrum of pathologies, pains and


Anxiety and stress Sleep disturbances (up to chronic insomnia) Muscle aches

Intestinal pain Headaches and migraines Etc.

Cannabidiol oil is also said to have notable effects in reducing symptoms

associated with chronic or degenerative diseases, such as fibromyalgia, Crohn's

disease or multiple sclerosis. Studies are underway which should make it

possible to confirm the feeling expressed by many users. In the meantime, it is

important to remember that CBD oil 10% is not a drug, but a simple dietary

supplement. How to use CBD Corner 10% CBD oil?

CBD Corner recommends taking 3-4 drops of 10% CBD oil, up to 3 times a day,

sublingually. The bottle is equipped with a dropper pipette for very precise

dosing. The drops should be left under the tongue for about 60 seconds before

being swallowed. Remember to shake the bottle before use, and keep it after

opening in a cool place and protect from light. CBD

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