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a 1. Thyroid problems prevent you from losing weight The thyroid is responsible

for the production of the thyroid hormones tri iodo thyronine (T3) and thyroxine (


With an under active thyroid, the body runs on the back burner and therefore has

a correspond ingly low energy requirement. This means that the person concerned

often does not lose weight or even continues to gain weight despite low calorie


These are the overweight people who insist again and again: I really eat next

Symptoms of an under active thyroid You may have an under active thyroid if you

have the following symptoms:

Fatigue and lack of drive low blood pressure and slow heartbeat, but high blood

pressure is also possible constipation bad sleep dry skin, hair, nails painful

menstruation increased cholesterol unexplained weight gain If this applies to

you, you can have your thyroid levels checked by an endo crinologist.

Make sure that all three thyroid levels are checked, i.e. TSH (Tyroida

Stimulating Hormone), free T4 and free T3.

Often only the TSH value is examined.

TSH is the hormone released by the pitu itary gland in the brain when the

thyroid hormone levels in the blood drop. TSH is supposed to stimulate the

thyroid gland to produce more hormones. High TSH levels therefore indicate an

If your TSH value is in the "normal" range (0.3 to 4.2), your thyroid is

considered healthy and the doctor will not take any further action. The result

can be deceptive, however, because the norm values ​​are possibly far too high.

Read more

here: Thyroid Disease and here: Hypo thyroidism

2. Hormonal imbalances inhibit fat loss In addition to thyroid problems, other

hormonal disorders can also play an important role in the development of

obesity and make the targeted weight reduction extremely difficult for those

affected. Only a balanced hormone level ensures - in addition to its many other

health-relevant effects - the optimal distribution of fat reserves.

Mal distribution of fats often manifests itself in the form of an excessive

ac cumulation of fat cells on the buttocks or stomach. This can be caused by an

excess or deficiency of the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone or


The testosterone enables, among other things, the release of body fat (

especially in the abdominal area) so that they can be broken down. If the

testosterone level is too low, the fat loss is automatically and significantly

reduced. Progesterone stimulates the meta bolism, supports fat burning and keeps

insulin levels at a healthy level. A progesterone deficiency is therefore

usually associated with an overpro duction of insulin, which can lead to

hyper insu linemia (pathologi cally increased insulin level). Ultimately, this

development also contributes to obesity, as does the metabolic change caused by

the deficiency and the reduced fat burning. An estrogen dominance causes the

body to build up more fat cells and causes increased water retention. In

addition, an estrogen dominance affects the production of thyroid hormones. All

of these factors make losing weight extremely difficult . Obesity is therefore

not necessarily due to an excessive appetite, but often also to a hormone


A balanced hormone level is therefore of great importance if weight loss is to

A doctor can determine a hormone deficit. But there is also the possibility of

a hormone saliva test on the Internet.

You can also read about this: The causes of hormonal disorders

3. Food allergies and into lerances make it difficult to lose weight Many people

suffer from food into lerances or allergies that they initially don't know


These can trigger infl ammatory processes in the body over a long period of

time, during which large amounts of a protein called TNF-alpha are released.

In the case of persistent infla mmatory processes, which take place due to the

body's overre action to certain foods, this protein is released in excess.