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Acupuncture - special techniques In addition to the classic needle technique,

acupuncture points can also be influenced using other methods. This includes

Moxibustion, in which the acupuncture points are additionally stimulated with

Laser acupuncture, where weak laser beams are used. Acupressure, where

the points are stimulated by pressure or massage. Electro acupuncture, where

current stimuli are used. How does acupuncture work? According to the

understanding of TCM, disturbances in the flow of energy can be eliminated by

setting the acupuncture needles: blockages are thus solved. What exactly is

behind the acupuncture effect according to scientific principles has not yet

been clarified.

Scientific attempts at explanation However, there are already some hypotheses

about the effectiveness of acupuncture. Inserting the needles into the

acupuncture points creates a stimulus to which the body reacts:

Due to the stimulating stimulus of the needles, pain-relieving and mood-

enhancing substances (endorphins) are increasingly released in the brain .

These substances are also known as "happiness hormones". At the injection site,

the acupuncture needles release messenger substances, irritate the pain nerves,

improve local blood circulation and release other pain relieving substances (

opioids). With acupuncture needles you can set stimuli in so-called trigger

points and thus release muscular and fascial hardening. By inserting the needle

at the acupuncture point, so-called reflex arches in the spinal cord are

activated, which inhibit pain, relax the muscles and relax organs (e.g. the

A pain

stimulus in one place reduces the sensitivity to pain in another part of the

body. The skin is connected to the brain and organs by an immense network of

nerve fibers. The stimulus of the acupuncture needle can also be used to

influence internal organs and body regions.

How does an acupuncture treatment work? Before the acupuncture treatment, the

acupuncturist will ask you in detail about your medical history. In addition,

there is a physical examination that includes both conventional medicine and

Chinese methods such as pulse and tongue diagnostics.

Based on the diagnosis made, the acupuncturist then selects the points and

decides how often the acupuncture should be carried out. In general, he

estimates one to two treatment series of ten to twelve treatments each in one

to two sessions per week.

Laboratory value checker icon NetDoktor laboratory value checker What do my

laboratory values ​​mean? Lie down and relax The treatment takes place lying

down as much as possible, since the greatest possible relaxation is desired.

The needling is carried out with sterile disposable needles, the traditional

treatment with recyclable gold, silver or steel needles is rarely practiced for

hygienic reasons. The needles are 0.2 to 0.4 millimeters thick, one to ten

centimeters long and have a special cut so that the puncture can be painless to


The most common is redness and slight bleeding at the puncture site, sometimes

Inflammation is very rare thanks to the use of disposable

needles and there is no serious pain after acupuncture.

There may be slight circulatory reactions during the treatment, so it makes

sense to do the treatment lying down and to remain lying down a bit after

removing the needles. It is of course crucial that you remain calm and relaxed

during the treatment, so you will very rarely experience acupuncture side

Acupuncture: response time How quickly the effect occurs after acupuncture is

very different and depends on the symptoms and the patient. With acupuncture

against stress or acute pain symptoms, the treatment often helps within a few

minutes or hours. In the case of chronic pain or more complex clinical

pictures, the first treatment success sometimes only occurs after the fourth or

So it can only be roughly predicted how quickly acupuncture

When is acupuncture suitable? In principle, acupuncture is possible at any age.

Children are preferably treated with the gentler laser acupuncture. The

acupuncture points are influenced with a weak, punctiform laser light pulse.

This method is also suitable for patients with fear of needles. However, the

effect is not as strong as with needling.

Acupuncture can also help old or very sick people. The strength of the

treatment can then be regulated via the number of needles and the length of

So there is nothing to be said against trying a variety of complaints and

benefiting from the often astonishing successes of acupuncture .

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