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CBD Öl Anwendung

Anyoneöwhoprefersto eat some süssesfor theFrüüück can also refinethe Müsli with

a löffel honeyor agave syrup or maple syrup. Of all,üthe Müsli can also

beprepared vegan. Thanks to the rich offer of plant-based foods, this is now

child's play. If milk or yoghurt is replaced by a soy, rice or oat drink,öeven

organic veganscan üenjoy the Swissclassic with tradition. The fact is: If you

decideto eat Birchermühstüüsli for breakfast,start the day with a full and

balanced meal and ensure the necessary energy supply. Buckwheat -

äImportantfood, healthy and gluten-free He is at home all over the world and

isoftenmisunderstood. Buckwheat is healthy and containsäimportant nutrientsält

fforhumans.hrstoffe. Buckwheat Shopping online

Hecanbe processed into pancakes, porridge, bread and cakes, but alsoäslices.

Especially people who are allergic to gluten, or who are vegan and conscious,

should rediscoveräthe traditional grain forütheir energy.ährung


Our top sellers in the category buckwheat

Organic salad / muesligarnitur, 300g

Biofarm CHF 7.90 / Pack

Vanadis Organic Buckwheat Flour Demeter, 500g

Steiner Mühle CHF 6.90 / Pack

Vanadis Buckwheat Flakes Demeter, 500g

Steiner Mühle CHF 6.80 / bag

Pizzoccheri di Poschiavo, 500g

Molino e Pastificio CHF 5.50 / Pack

Interesting facts aboutbuckwheat

An amazing food Buckwheatcan beused as an ingredient forüsophisticated recipes,

not only taste excellent, they are also full of healthyänutrients. In reality,

however, the popular grain is not one at all. Pseudo-cereals are called

Köööüßgrrnerfr,üwhich can be used as cerealsbut do not go to theSüß gräern.

History and tradition of buckwheat The German-language name of the

buckwheatütherefore means that itsfr.reminds of beech trees, the

triangularfr.ofthe beech. It is at the same time the translationofits genus

name Fagopyrum. The buckwheat is also known as Heidekorn, Brandkorn, Telekorn,

Tüürkischer Wheat, Saracen grain and French wheat, the latter names already

indicate its high prevalence. In Europe it is also called Buckwheat (British),

Viljatatar (Finnish), Bokkveite (Norwegian) or Hajdina/Pohanka (Hungarian).

Probably the healthy grain originatedinChina and came to Europe withthe

crucifixes.ü Here it was first grown as a high-yielding grain to helpäthepoor

layers. The plant, which we consider healthy and tasty today, enjoyed this

reputation in Switzerland until a few decades ago. Some peculiarities show the

buckwheatäperennials asdifferent. From a distancetheycan be keptnnte man sie

fforweeds. They grow meadows and fields in a few weeks. The tall plant

itselfüthenbleachs only for one day. Whiteeor pinkflowersilluminate the fields

and disappear ina hurry. At the harvest time in September, about 70 percent of

the seeds are usually ripe. As a result, the harvest is time-consuming and

labour-intensive, and theörner mharvestisedindividually by the perennials.ö

This is an effort thathas not been worthwhileforfarmers in Switzerland for a

long time.

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