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BIOCBD Öl in höchster BIO SUISSE - DEMETER Qualität.

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Focus on fresh and unprocessed foods such as B. Vegetables, salads, fruits,

nuts, sprouts, herbs, seeds and high quality oils. Drink 2.5 to 3 liters of

pure carbonated spring water daily. Avoid POWS. POWS - What is it? POWS is an

abbreviation from English-speaking countries. The following food groups belong

to the so-called POWS:

1. Industrially processed foods (P = processed foods) Avoid anything that has

For example sausage, ready-made products of all kinds, bread and baked goods,

snacks, fast food, soft drinks, sweets, etc. For products that you do not want

to make yourself, you prefer organic food from the natural food trade, e.g. B.

vegetable spreads, organic wholemeal bread, organic spicy sauces, etc.

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plan according to your culinary preferences . The two nutrition plans presented

below are excessively alkaline and ensure that you can continue to lose weight

in a healthy way or maintain your ideal weight:

Information on creating a vegan but low-carbohydrate nutrition plan can be

found here: Nutrition plan - low carb and vegan 

2. Oily foods (O = oily foods) Avoid fried food and anything that contains

excessive amounts of oil, such as chips, peanuts, pastries such as donuts,

French fries, ready-made mayonnaise, etc.

3. Isolated and concentrated so-called empty carbohydrates (W = "Whites") Avoid

products that are "white" such as B. white flour , white bread, white rice (=

polished rice), household sugar and products made from these "whites".

These foods are white because the ingredients that would contain vital

What remains are highly concentrated carbohydrates with a high glycemic index,

which are extremely low in vital substances, which means that they are not as

good for anything as to drive the blood sugar level into madness.

So choose whole grain bread from a trustworthy organic bakery that will be

Go for

whole grain pasta and rice, or better still, millet and quinoa .

Instead of sugar , switch to the alternatives mentioned under 4. Also make sure

that carbohydrates are only a small side dish in meals that are otherwise

dominated by vegetables.

4. Sugar (S = Sugar) Avoid not only household sugar (as mentioned in W =

Whites), but all types of sugar (including brown sugar, cane sugar, fructose,

milk sugar, etc.) and all kinds of sweeteners (except stevia). No panic! That

does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy anything sweet from now on. If

you're missing a sweetener, take stevia (especially for drinks), agave syrup (

in bulk), and dates (or other dried fruit).

You will lose weight in


course, it's even better if you keep moving. Design your day like your diet:


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By the way, what extremely promotes the process of changing consciousness is

ignoring the television set. Your life is far too valuable to waste on this -

by and large pointless - pastime.

Supervised diet change With so many rules and tips, you don't know where to

start? No problem. An introduction to a healthy surplus base diet offers a

detox . It provides you with detailed instructions with many recipes and also

offers the option of asking questions by email or phone.

The part of the word "purification" indicates the effectiveness of the cure in

the first few weeks. However, the excess alkaline diet practiced during this

Apart from its purifying and deacidifying effect, the purification cure ensures

healthy tissue development, a balanced supply of nutrients and vital

substances, harmonious digestion and a strong immune system. This diet offers

you the ideal prerequisites for transforming yourself into the person you have

always wanted to be. It is your chance! Take it.

Lose weight healthily and create your own nutrition plans After the

purification cure, you can create a healthy and vital substance-rich nutrition