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Of course, if you already know your allergen or the food to which your immune

The strong reaction to a normally perfectly harmless food shows that your

immune system is currently irritated for whatever reason.

It is therefore very important to generally relieve this important defense

system as much as possible.

Since poisons (dental toxins, pesticide residues in food, medication, etc.) and

This in turn can lead to a general disturbance in the util ization of glucose

As a result, losing weight can

In milder cases, a hidden food allergy can also lead to irritation of the

gastric mucous membrane and thus trigger repeated cravings, which are also very

in the way of weight loss.

other harmful substances are often responsible for an overload, you should

thoroughly cleanse and detoxify your body and explicitly your intestines,

A colon

cleanse is suitable for this , in which the dissolved toxins are immediately

bound and quickly excreted. At the same time, high-quality probiotics should be

This measure contributes significantly to the relief of the immune system and

can thus not "only" contribute to the disappearance of allergic reactions, but

also make losing weight significantly easier.

4. Incorrect intestinal flora prevents weight loss It has long been known that

overweight people have a different composition of intestinal flora than people

of normal weight.

Apparently, the intestinal flora of overweight people prevents them from

turning into normal weight people.

However, if you are overweight and take special probiotic bacterial strains

that are part of the normal weight intestinal flora, suddenly losing weight

becomes much easier.

A corresponding study also showed that women who not only dieted but also took

a probiotic lost twice as much weight than those who only dieted.

Read here how probiotics can help you lose weight: Probiotics make losing

weight easy

Dietary fiber activates the intestinal peristalsis and thus counteracts

A sufficient amount of fiber in the diet also ensures slower carbohydrate

The excess glucose would otherwise be converted into fat and stored in the fat

deposits, which would certainly not be conducive to losing weight.

Finally, dietary fiber also blocks certain fat-digesting enzymes (lipases) so

that less fat is absorbed from food.

Dietary fiber is mainly found in vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds (linseed,

sesame), nuts and kernels (sunflower and pumpkin seeds) as well as in legumes

and whole grain cereals.

Since the vegetable fibers swell in connection with liquid, they have a lasting

In order to increase the intake of fiber, an additional


are simply stirred into water and drunk.

The basic konjac powder - a very special fiber - can also optimize your fiber

supply very easily. Konjac powder is taken in capsule or powder form and works

even in the smallest amounts.

6. Medicines can cause weight gain Taking certain medications can be a problem

for people who would like to lose weight. A study by Harvard University

confirmed that many over- the -counter drugs, but also prescription drugs,

definitely encourage weight gain and thus make it very difficult to lose