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/ MS Aroma spectrum: using GC / MS Packaging: 10% Three experts tested the

handling - opening, removing and reclosing and checked tamper-evident,

recycling and disposal instructions. In addition, we examined the lid seals or

the closures and the Quetschie packaging for chlorinated plastics using X-ray

fluorescence analysis.

Declaration: 15% We assessed whether the information on the packaging was

complete and correct in terms of food law. We also checked portion size

information and storage instructions. Three experts assessed the readability

and clarity of the information.

Further investigations We determined various parameters to calculate the

physiological calorific value as well as the total sugar content (fruit-

specific and added) and to estimate the fruit content. Undesirable substances

such as patulin or lactic acid could not be detected. We checked the apple pulp

and Quetschie products for foreign sugar and foreign water using isotope

analysis and mass spectrometry and determined the oligosaccharide spectrum

using capillary GC: They only contained fruit-derived sugar and water from

apples. The microbiological quality was flawless. A glass or a pack was

examined for the following microorganisms: aerobic mesophilic colony count (

total bacterial count), yeast, mold, lactic acid bacteria, sulfite-reducing

clostridia. Other characteristic parameters were part of the investigation: pH

value, Brix value, total acid, citric acid, malic acid, glucose, fructose,

sucrose, minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus), flow

behavior, L-ascorbic acid (test of naturalness using LC / EA-IRMS only if

Of the 25 products tested, 15 are packed in screw-top jars, 4 in boxes and 6 in

squeeze bags. We list the advantages and disadvantages of the packaging and

give tips for disposal.

1) glass. Advantage: Neither substances pass into the food nor vice versa, the

content can be seen. In the white glass barrel, the glasses find their final

resting place until recycling, which is comparatively easy. Lids belong in the

yellow sack or waste. Disadvantage of glass: it is heavy and fragile.

2) Composite cardboard. It is lighter than glass and unbreakable. But the view

of the contents only reveals the package when it is opened. The colorfully

printed boxes in the test are lined on the inside with silver light metal foil,

which is laminated with plastic. This makes recycling complex. The composite

boxes belong in the recycling bin or yellow sack.

3) Squeeze bag. The light and practical squeezers also hide their interior.

Like the boxes, the bags in the test are made of several layers, some of them

plastic. The composite material goes into the recycling bin or yellow sack.

Because it is difficult to recycle, manufacturers are working on bags made from

only one material. With mostly no more than 100 grams of content, squeezers

comparatively make a lot of garbage.

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pic Diabetics: Beware of applesauce and apple pulp @RudolfBeier: Diabetics

should be careful when eating applesauce. This also applies to unsweetened

apple pulp. Reason: The glycemic index (GI) increases in processed products.

Even if no extra sugar is added, the carbohydrates from applesauce and pulp get

into the blood faster than with a raw apple. (Bp)

Thank you for your interest in our

publications. Unfortunately, it is a basic problem of our test work that we do

not test all products available on the market in our investigations and that we

cannot meet all consumer wishes. We and our readers have to live with this

dilemma. Since our investigations are very expensive, the number of test places

is limited. We are therefore constantly faced with the task of mapping the

market as well as possible with relatively few products. When choosing a

product, the sales frequency and market importance are an important selection

criterion. Products with comparatively low marketability usually fall through

the cracks. If a product is not included in the test field, this is not linked

to a negative evaluation. There are simply capacity reasons that limit the

scope of our tests. (cr)

missing As an apple allergy sufferer, it is difficult to fall back on

industrial products, but I found a good alternative that was unfortunately not

tested. The apple sauce from Sonnen Bassermann. What was taken into

consideration when selecting the products that the was not tested with?

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