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So keep going until you get to the edge of the bowl, with the last layer of

minced meat having to be nice and liquid so that the wonderful juice spreads

down through the whole thing. The filling is now slightly arched, slightly

higher than the bowl rim. If you are still reasonably able to count, then a

layer of mozzarella shines towards you. Now, to top it off, put the slices of

Parma ham on top. Finally, brush the edge of the bowl with a little water,

place the rolled-out puff pastry on it, which overlaps the edge of the bowl a

little. Now press the dough lightly on the edge of the bowl, around the bottom,

coat the dough surface with a little diluted egg yolk and prick a few times

with a fork so that the steam can escape when baking and the dough becomes nice

and crispy. You almost don't believe it yourself, but you did it!

Now put it in the preheated oven and after half an hour you will be very proud

of yourself. What they will take out of the oven is very first cream, lonely

tip and will totally blow you and your guests away.

Do not hand over any frills. Just a wonderful, mixed salad and matching a not

too bombastic, of course Italian red wine.

Everything went well? Then you know for sure that the good Nonna Nicolina has

calmed down, her heart is almost bursting with pride and that at least a

million kisses will pound down on you. BUON APETITO

really Italian. Let us use the favor of the hour and the good mood of our dear

It is anticipated that

these are not the bones of dogs that were run over by cars in Rome, but are:

melt 30 gr Parmigiano grated 3 egg yolks 1 l milk 1 pr nutmeg 200 gr durum

wheat semolina

For the topping for gratinating, you need:

40 gr butter melt 90 gr Mascarpone 30 gr Parmigiano grated

Gnocchi alla Romana

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ALU) of a computer (module 5). © 2010 Burkhard Stiller M2 - 4 Formal basics ‰ 

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z1 z0, z-1 z-2 ... z-m e.g. 1234.567 ‰ Each position i in the row of digits is 

a place value, which is a power bi of the base b of the number system. ‰ The 

value Xb of the number then demands itself as the sum of the values

Gnocchi alla Romana