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Overall, this is a large clientele who are only too happy to believe the

promises made by weight loss pills.

ANZEIGE effective effective nature Lovely, basic organic tea 8.90 EUR Davert

Davert Quinoa Cup 1.99 EUR The manufacturer of Alli® says that for every two

kilos you lose yourself , another kilogram melts away from the pill you take.

This is possible because, with the help of Alli®, a quarter of the dietary fats

consumed are not absorbed by the body, but are excreted undigested.

This can only be achieved with more exercise and with a diet that is reduced in

fat and calories at the same time. The manufacturer specifies an "upper fat

limit" that everyone must adhere to. Otherwise there would be "nutritional side

These include a sudden urge to defecate and flatulence with possibly oily

stains. "Oily stains" are, by the way, oil stains in your underwear, which

occur when, thanks to the diet pills, the undigested fat accidentally goes off

with the flatulence.

Diet pills - risk of the yo-yo effect In other words, the pill only works if a

diet is followed. That in turn is only healthy if the weight loss is slow.

Because the faster you lose weight, the more likely there is the risk of the

well-known "yo-yo effect" - after the diet, more kilos come back on than were

In addition, there has to be a "plan B" after the diet pill in order to

maintain the weight - because Alli® should not be taken for longer than 6

So it makes sense to ask yourself why you don't change your diet and lifestyle

straight away - without the "support" of a pill with unpleasant "side effects".

Especially since it has meanwhile become known that even worse side effects can

arise from the active ingredient orlistat.

Side effects of diet pills are known So far it has been said that orlistat

would inhibit fat absorption in the gastrointestinal tract and thereby support

The effect is only local and the substance only enters the

bloodstream in very small quantities.

A recent study has shown otherwise. Scientist Bingfang Yan stated:

However, we have now been able to determine that orlistat is absorbed and that

internal organs such as the liver or kidneys are contaminated with this

substance. He also informed the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

about this. Orlistat approved this for sale in 1999.

When Alli® was launched in 2007, the active ingredient was the first non-

prescription weight loss drug. Alli® has been available without a prescription

in Germany since April 2009. And this despite the fact that the manufacturer

GlaxoSmithKline already admitted at the American market launch that almost half

of all consumers could expect side effects in the gastrointestinal tract, such

as diarrhea or incontinence. In fact, it got worse.

ANZEIGE effective effective nature Bio core power 22.90 EUR Govinda Govinda

Quinoa penne 3.90 EUR More Sick Through Free Diet Pills Sale Such serious side

effects were soon reported that the FDA decided in 2010 to issue an official

warning for orlistat users. It said that if any symptoms that suggest liver

damage occurred, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Such symptoms

include fever, fatigue, nausea, nausea, stomach pain, brownish discolored

urine, and jaundice.

Since the preparation is available without a prescription, more and more diet

pill users have become ill in recent years, said Yan. Orlistat has been

associated with severe liver failure, acute failure of pancreatic function, and

acute kidney failure.

Poisons from diet pills stay in the body Together with his team, Yan has

deciphered the mechanisms that lead to the health problems: Orlistat inhibits

the function of an enzyme called carboxylesterase-2 (CES2) even in small

quantities. This enzyme plays an important role in detoxifying the kidneys,

liver, and digestive tract.

When the activity of the enzyme in these organs decreases, the body's ability

to break down toxins also decreases. It can also affect the effectiveness of

other drugs, explained the researcher.

Diet pills alter and hinder drug action Among other things, this means that the

liver is no longer able to process different drugs correctly:

If the enzyme CES2 no longer properly breaks down the main active ingredient in

aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, this can lead to increased bleeding. CES2 is

needed to convert the active ingredients of cancer drugs so that they can work.

If the enzyme is no longer fully functional, the drug remains ineffective. Yan


Our study impressively shows that orlistat significantly changes the

therapeutic potential of cancer drugs. In the case of cancer drugs, a

decreasing effect was observed under the influence of orlistat. New wellbeing

through alkaline nutrition and detoxification Fortunately, healthy and, above

all, permanent weight loss is also possible: more exercise, a healthy diet . If

the change to a new way of life happens in small steps - adapted to your own

rhythm and individual "willingness to change" - it is even fun and quickly

The daily menu should include a diet rich in alkaline with plenty of fresh

fruit and vegetables. There are many delicious alkaline recipes for a varied

and healthy diet.

To make it easier to get started with the new diet, a detox is exactly the

In the process, polluting and sickening waste products are

disposed of, the body recovers and loses weight.

ANZEIGE Davert Davert Sweet potato curry 2.99 EUR Oil mill Solling oil mill

Mediterranean rapeseed spice oil 8.90 EUR DISPLAY

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