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Ashwagandha is also considered an adaptogen and therefore a plant that can make

the body more stress-resistant. Stress responses are milder in the presence of

adaptogens, making stress less harmful.

Vitamin C is known to be a strong anti oxidant substance that helps reduce

oxi dative stress and thus relieves the immune system. Vitamin C also directly

supports the functions of various defense cells of the innate and also the

acquired immune system. Vitamin C, for example, accumulates in neutrophils,

i.e. in immune cells and thus promotes their ability to move more quickly in

the direction of the invaders to be fought. It also improves their phagocytic

activity (eating pathogens and harmful particles). It then promotes the

activity of the macrophages (scavenger cells), which now clean the tissue by

removing the neutrophils that have died after completing their work. Vitamin C

also supports the formation and maturation of the immune cells from the

lymphocyte group (B and T cells). Vitamin C also protects the skin's barrier

function and in this way prevents the penetration of pathogens at this extreme

limit. You will find hundreds of vegetable recipes here: Vegetables in all

variations Since vitamin C is so involved in the activities of the immune

system, it is also consumed to a very high degree during infections. The

vitamin C level drops rapidly, which is why you should always make sure to

consume foods rich in vitamin C and / or food supplements several times a day!

* High dose vitamin C (1000 mg per daily dose): Vitamin C - high dose and


Vitamin D is essential if you want to strengthen your immune system Vitamin D

is essential for almost every health area. Vitamin D also plays an important

role in the immune system. For example, it can influence the immune system in

such a way that the risk of autoimmune diseases decreases (14).

However, the dosage usually has to be significantly higher than the usually

recommended 800 to 1000 IU. In one study, for example, the test subjects took

140,000 IU per month (approx. 4,600 IU per day) and after 12 weeks had a higher

number of regulatory immune cells, i.e. those immune cells that regulate the

immune system so that there are no excessive reactions (autoimmune reactions).

What you should look out for when taking

vitamin D , read the previous link. There is now a wide range of differently

dosed vitamin D supplements, so that meeting your needs is no longer a problem.

* You can find high-quality vitamin D supplements for every need here: Various

vitamin D supplements

Zinc strengthens the immune system Zinc is an important substance for a strong

immune system. If there is a lack of zinc, this leads to weakening defense

cells and the immune system can no longer fight cancer as well, which is why

tumors grow faster with zinc deficiency . Also infections more severe when zinc

Zinc works for the immune system in many places. For example, zinc is necessary

for the healthy development of various immune cells (neutrophils, natural

killer cells and macrophages). Without zinc, T and B cells (immune cells) also

experience growth and function disorders. Phago cytosis also no longer works

well with zinc deficiency. Phago cytosis describes the eating process of immune

cells when they encounter foreign particles or pathogens (7).

We have described how you can get a good supply of zinc in our article on

elim inating zinc deficiency . If you have a zinc deficiency or do not consume

enough zinc with your diet, you can also use appropriate zinc supplements.

Selenium for a strong immune system Selenium - an essential trace element - is

a particularly important substance when it comes to strengthening the immune

system. Because while you might still be able to get enough magnesium, zinc,

copper and iodine through your diet, selenium does not always work so well. The

reason for this is that the European soils are considered to be low in

selenium, which means that our foods are also low in selenium.

If there is a selenium deficiency, the immune system seems to be weakened, as

infections lead to stronger in flammatory processes, presumably as a result of a

higher degree of oxidative stress, which the selenium -containing enzymes would

otherwise keep under control. Since these enzymes can also slow down the

replication of viruses (4, 5), the conclusion is that virus infections are

worse when there is a selenium deficiency than with a good selenium supply (6).

Studies then also showed that an increased intake of selenium improves both

cell- mediated and humoral defense. Conversely, a selenium deficiency leads to a

weaker immune reaction when viruses, allergens or cancer cells appear in the

body (6).

It is known from animal studies that if there is a lack of selenium in the

course of a flu infection, the number of macrophages (scavenger cells of the

immune system) decreases; if there is a good selenium supply, the number of

these immune cells remains consistently high and the infection can be fought

more quickly (6).

Selenium also ensures that the number of so-called CD4 cells (also called T

helper cells) increases in people infected with HIV. The T-helper cell count is

checked regularly for HIV. If it drops, this is a sign that the disease is

progressing or that the immune system is weakening and that the risk of death

is increased (6).

The official selenium requirement of an adult is given as 60 to 70 µg selenium

Fish, seafood and the Brazil nut are considered good sources of

selenium. Depending on the source, the Brazil nut should contain between 100

and 600 µg selenium per 100 g, fish between 20 and over 100 µg depending on the


ANZEIGE Jacky Jacky F. Jackfruit pulp ... 4.69 EUR effective effective nature

Iron complex 14.90 EUR

However, Brazil nuts are repeatedly conta minated with aflatoxins (mold

toxins) - and fish is not only rich in selenium, but sometimes also rich in


We report here on: How mercury makes fish a risk

After checking the selenium level, you can use appropriate food supplements if

necessary. We explain here (under "Selenium") how you can have your selenium

. If

there is a deficiency, preparations with different dosages (50 - 200 µg) are

* You can find high-quality selenium supplements here.

5. How to strengthen your immune system - with home remedies Many home remedies

or foods can of course also strengthen the immune system. Integrate these into

your daily routine again and again or use them for a short period:

Use lemon peel more often Lemon peel tastes wonderful! Put them grated in

vegetables, dressings, sauces or desserts or just toss a piece of lemon peel

into the blender with other smoothie ingredients. Studies have already shown

that the polyphenols in lemon peel (eriocitrin) prolong life (at least in

mice) - because they have such a positive effect on the intestinal flora and

the immune system (17).

Drink water with lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning Eriocitrin -

the lemon own polyphenol - is also contained in lemon juice, so that you can

achieve immune system-strengthening effects by consuming the juice. Start the

day with lemon water, so drink it on an empty stomach: squeeze half a small

lemon and pour the juice into a glass of lukewarm water (250 ml). If you prefer

to use tea (herbal tea) as the basis for your lemon juice, make sure that it is

no longer hot when you add the lemon juice in order to protect the heat-

sensitive vitamin C.

Use local herbs and wild plants Many herbs, medicinal and wild plants , which

often even grow in your own garden, can on the one hand relieve the immune

system through their anti bacterial effect, on the other hand strengthen them

due to their richness in minerals and secondary plant substances and enable

them to perform great, as you can read in the link above, where you will also

find tables showing how much more mineral-rich wild herbs are compared to

cultivated vegetables.

You can enjoy herbs and wild plants in the form of tea (never prepare too hot),

fresh plant juice (from the health food store or homemade), salad or in a green

smoothie , e.g. B. nettle, dead nettle, Frenchweed, fingerweed, groundgrass,

dandelion, goose thistle etc.

Laugh heartily for a strong immune system Many people laugh often and happily.

Others have almost forgotten how to laugh. Worry and stress make happy

opportunities less and less common. If that's the case for you, look

Nevertheless, you can

laugh even if you don't feel like it at all - according to the motto: Humor is

Laughter significantly increases the activity of the defense cells of your

immune system. If you laugh, you loosen up, automatically relieve stress and

get a completely new and attractive charisma. If you laugh, you can look at

your potentially problematic everyday life from a completely new perspective.

Laughter mobilizes forces and energies that some people didn't even know were

dormant in them.

And so those who laugh suddenly find solutions where there were only problems

before. Problems and stress, however, weaken the immune system. Therefore, we

now also know that positive thinking can make you healthy .

6. How to strengthen your immune system - with nutrition Of course, a healthy,

plant-based diet rich in vital substances is essential for a strong immune


How vegetables can boost the immune system Red, yellow, orange and deep green

vegetables (basically all), which contain numerous other vital substances and

plenty of beta- carotene (the precursor of vitamin A), strengthen the immune

system. They stimulate the production of our body police - the white blood

cells - and thus help the body to fight off infections.

Among all types of cabbage is cabbage one of the most effective in the fight

against pathogens and even against cancer cells. It not only provides enormous

amounts of beta- carotene, but also a particularly large amount of vitamin C,

calcium and secondary plant substances, the so-called isothio cyanates (which

also includes the above- mentioned sulforaphane from broccoli).

You can find delicious, healthy recipes with kale in our recipe section: Kale

Recipes You can also find broccoli recipes to feast on with us: Broccoli

recipes Fruits that strengthen the immune system You can use almost all fruits

alternately to strengthen the immune system. When choosing fruits, it is

important that you choose regional fruits from organic cultivation that are

currently in season, i.e. apples, pears, plums, plums, apricots, mirabelle

plums, cherries and all kinds of berries. This is how you get fruits with the

highest possible vital substance content.

It is best to eat fruits unprocessed, i.e. raw. If you don't like to eat them

straight out of the hand, you can make green smoothies or chop them up and mix

them with some raisins, a little ginger and grated lemon zest or add them to

plant-based yoghurt , which you can buy in organic supermarkets or else you can

also do it yourself (see previous link).

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