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wriggle. Infants also react to touch. However, experts have so far not agreed

on how differentiated they perceive this.

What is the height of a triangle? The height is the length of the line that is

vertical on one side and runs to the opposite corner. What calculations can you

The area of ​​a triangle is calculated by looking at any side

The area is then the same (side * height) / 2. The

sides and angles can be calculated with the help of sine and cosine (topic

class 10): It applies to two sides a and b and the opposite angles alpha and beta: a / sin alpha = b / sin beta ( sine theorem ). The following also applies

to three sides a, b, c and the angle gamma opposite side c: a² = b² + c²-2 * b

SchĂĽĂźler salts: Lose weight From , Medical editor and biologist September 4,


Many people hope to lose weight with the help of SchĂĽĂźler salts . But taking

the small mineral tablets is not enough: further measures such as changing your

diet and regular physical activity are absolutely necessary. Only then can

weight loss be supported with SchĂĽĂźler Salts tablets. Read here which SchĂĽĂźler

salts should support weight loss.

Article overview SchĂĽĂźler salts: Lose weight Losing weight made easy? Support

losing weight Mineral combinations More tips lose weight SchĂĽĂźler Salts: Losing

Weight Made Easy? Losing weight with SchĂĽĂźler salts alone - that sounds

First of all, the cause of the overweight must be

clarified by a doctor. Some diseases (such as hypothyroidism ) and certain

medications (such as antidepressants, cortisone) favor obesity. Most of the

time, however, a combination of genetic predisposition and wrong lifestyle is the reason for excess kilos. Affected people should therefore primarily review

their diet and change them if necessary (less fat and sugar, more fiber, etc.).

Symptom checker icon NetDoktor symptom checker Which illness causes my

complaints? Which Schuessler salts should help you lose weight If these

conditions are met, SchĂĽĂźler salts should support weight loss, experts of the

alternative method say. Frequently used SchĂĽĂźler salts for weight loss are:

Ferrum 3 of the SchĂĽĂźler salts): Losing weight is often

accompanied by dizziness , weakness and a slight increase in temperature.

Ferrum phosphoricum should prevent this. Potassium chloratum (No. 4 of the

SchĂĽĂźler salts): This remedy is said to stimulate the metabolism by supporting

protein utilization - as well as the gastrointestinal tract. Potassium

of the SchĂĽĂźler salts): Losing weight is a challenge for

Potassium phosphoricum is said to ensure the necessary energy for the

excretion processes and to strengthen the body and the immune system. Potassium

 6 of the Schüßler salts): Losing weight means “throwing off

ballast”. Potassium sulfuricum helps cells to remove old contaminants,

pollutants and residues from diseases. Sodium chloratum (No. 8 of the SchĂĽĂźler

salts): Losing weight removes slag from the body, according to the theory. The

water that was previously bound to the slags is to be excreted through the

kidneys with the help of sodium chloratum. Sodium phosphoricum (No. 9 of the

SchĂĽĂźler salts): According to SchĂĽĂźler, this mineral is important for the