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The tree nutiseasy to buildinto the otherägliche Ernäfood, as it can be

consumed individually or added to many differentfoods.nnen. Bouillon - Far more

than the basefora good soup Bouillon is a simple, clearümeat, with the term

"bouillon"derived from theFrenchword "bouillier", which means "cooking" or

"boiling". Bouillon Shopping online

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üBouillon's worth of interesting facts In order to produce agoodboullion, both

the meat and bones of cattle orchickensareboiledtogether with various gems.ü

Afterwards, the brewäüis cut,whereby it thenserves as a basis forsoups and

other dishes. So far so good - this definition and the procedure for preparing

a bouillon come from a cookbook of the year 1844. Nowadays, this is all a

little easier, because the market offers not only brühwürfeln but also

instantüproductsfor refining all kinds of food. In addition to Rinderbrühe, Hü

hnerbr ü he and Gem ü sebr ü heerh ältlich are also Hühnerbrühe

undGemüsebrüheerhältlich. All these varietiescanalso be purchased in

organicäquality. nnen zudem in Bio-Qualit

Historical excursion: On the trail of the name The word"Br ühe" derives from

the Middle High German term "brüeje", whichmeans "hotflüsigkeit". Whileäthe

Austrianterm is"clear soup", the word "bouillon" is used in Switzerland. This

is different in the Frenchölanguage area, where the clear soup is

called"Consommé". Under the name "Bouillons", on the other hand, some landlords

wereäknown inFrance, which a Parisian butcheröopened. This was towards the end

of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, new

landlordswereopenedwith these names.ö What they had in common was that they had

committed themselves to the concept of offering a warm meal to the

olderpopulationölayers. At that time, not all families had their own cooking

facilities at home. In the Bouillion-Wirtshäusern there was always a certain

dish and a warm soup. Accordingly, the name "Bouillon" derives neither from the

belgian town of Bouillon, nor from theFrenchnoble family of the Bouillons.

Bouillons & Co. - Bouillon, Fond & Fume Those who areücken möprofessionally

correctshould know the distinction between bouillon, rear and fume.

Whileäbouillon is understood to beüaüäcrustystructureobtained by boiling meat

and bones, the rear is abreast made from bones andhrend man unter Bouillon eine

krhe bezeichnet, die aus Knochen und Gembones. A bouillon is therefore a

powerbuilding which possessesümore nutrientsäthana simpleübuilding. On the

other hand, a fund - on whichäthe term, whichis wörtlich ütranslates as much

as basis or base means, infer -üis the basis for a sauceor soup, i.e. a basis

that is further processed. If a meat bouillon is cooked until a roast juice of

thick-flenishüconsistency is produced, it is technically correctly referred to

as "jus".