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Infants up to 12 months: 10 µg = 400 IU Children 1 to 15 years: 20 µg = 800 IU

Adolescents from 15 years, adults, breastfeeding women, pregnant women,

elderly: 20 µg = 800 IU However, since 10,000 IU of vitamin D are formed in the

body on a sunny day, it should be clear that the estimates of the official

"experts" are not necessarily realistic or helpful.

It is therefore more likely - depending on the season and personal vitamin D

status - that adults have a daily requirement of between 1,000 and 8,000 IU .

The daily requirement should be determined individually according to a vitamin

D test. The following estimated values ​​for the daily intake of vitamin D are

intended to provide orientation, whereby these are maintenance values, because

if there is a deficiency, higher intake quantities may be required:

Infants up to 12 months: 500 IU Children 1 to 15 years: 1,000 IU Young people

aged 15 to 18: 2,000 IU Adults up to 65 years of age: 2,000 IU Adults aged 65

and over: 4,000 IU Pregnant women: 4,000 IU Breastfeeding: 6,000 IU Vitamin D:

How to Convert Micrograms to International Units Vitamin D doses are given

either in micrograms (µg) or in International Units (IU). You can easily

convert one into the other - as follows:

1 µg = 20 IU 1 IU = 0.025 µg Can you meet the vitamin D requirement with food?

The majority of vitamin D (80 - 90 percent) is ensured by the body's own

vitamin D production, only a small part (10 - 20 percent) through food - at

least that would be the best case if you ensure regular sun exposure can. In

today's world and with today's diet, it is almost no longer possible to meet

vitamin D requirements through food alone.

That's how much vitamin D is in fish What about fish? High-fat fish is also

always mentioned as a very good source of vitamin D, which is why - according

to numerous "experts" - one should eat high-fat fish at least once or twice a

week, e.g. B. Herring, mackerel or salmon (9). The following are some vitamin D

levels in high-fat fish:

Herring (15 g fat) 24 µg 960 IU Smoked eel (25 g fat) 22 µg 880 IU Fried salmon

fillet (10 g fat) 17.5 µg 700 IU Avocado (12.5 g fat) 3.4 µg 136 IU Mackerel

cooked (10 g fat) 1 µg 40 IU You can see from the example of the mackerel,

which is always mentioned in the same breath as herring and eel as a good

source of vitamin D, that even fatty fish are not always a good source of

vitamin D. Even the avocado, which appears in the table above for comparison,

provides even more vitamin D than the mackerel.

Why fish is NOT suitable for meeting vitamin D needs If you are screaming out

loud again and want to call the avocado an environmental polluter, water waster

and food with a bad ecological balance , please read our text about the

relevant facts (see previous link). And since we are already on the subject of

the environment, we would like to point out at this point that eating fish once

or twice a week by all people would mean the final end of the fish populations

in the world's oceans (which are already on the verge of collapse) most

nutritionists on earth seem to be completely indifferent. 

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