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Hemp drops (hemp oil, CBD oil) and their use in medicine

It is not surprising that CBD is becoming increasingly popular as the health

benefits are overwhelming. After all, 2 drugs with CBD are already approved in

the EU. Here you will learn how cannabidiol works and why CBD is of great

interest in medicine. Hemp is an excellent medicinal plant. The ingredient

cannabidiol (CBD) is also responsible for this. This active ingredient does not

make you “high”. Thus, CBD oil in Austria and Germany is not subject to the

drug law regulations.

What is CBD? CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the second most important compound

in the cannabis plant after THC. Legal hemp varieties containing less than 0.3

percent THC are used to extract CBD oil. Therefore, the intake is completely


What are the side effects of CBD oil? CBD is becoming increasingly popular, but

many are also wondering whether the use of CBD oil is safe. The short answer:


According to the WHO (World Health Organization), CBD is not addictive and is

not harmful to health. Numerous studies examining the health benefits have also

contributed to this view.

How Hemp Drops Work - Medical Effects of CBD The medical use of the hemp plant

was successfully practiced 5000 years ago.

Two prescription drugs with CBD are currently available in Austria. Epidyolex®

against epilepsy in children Sativex® against painful cramps for patients with

multiple sclerosis. On the recommendation of the WHO, the EU wants to continue

to intensify research into medicines with CBD in the future. On the one hand,

these are positive signals for all those patients for whom CBD means an

enormous gain in quality of life. On the other hand, this means increasing

competition for conventional medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. It is

therefore not surprising that the pharmaceutical lobby bends relevant laws to

the benefit of industry and to maximize profits.

Today, however, we also know that the body itself produces cannabinoids. These

stimulate part of our nervous system (endocannabinoid system, also called ECS

for short).

The ECS regulates various processes in our body. Examples include: Pain (e.g.

migraine, rheumatism, arthrosis) appetite nausea Mood Sleep-wake rhythm Memory

performance Inflammation Immune reactions (e.g. allergies, cancer) Signal

transmission during movements Cardiovascular function Addictive behavior

Therefore, CBD is still of great interest in medicine and is continuously


Our readers asked: Are cannabis drops addictive? No! According to the new WHO

report, CBD drops are not psychoactive and are not addictive even after years

of use. Taking is legal.

Do hemp drops help with chronic pain? Acute pain is generally considered a

warning signal from the body to indicate a physical malfunction, an illness or

a deficiency. In contrast, it looks different again with chronic pain.

For accident victims, rheumatism patients, people with spastic muscle cramps or

cancer patients, taking painkillers is often part of everyday life. Mostly,

highly effective drugs are prescribed that are associated with considerable

side effects over time. For this reason, additional medication often has to be

taken to reduce the side effects.

It has been found that the body's endocannabinoids can inhibit the transmission

of pain impulses. As a result, our body naturally manages to reduce excessive

sensitivity to pain. At the same time, the mood is improved, which leads to

better handling of the pain disorder. In addition, natural endocannabinoids

prevent the body from developing a “pain memory”. This would arise if pain

persisted over a long period of time.

Everyone has to judge for themselves whether CBD helps against pain. For

example, Morgan Freeman is convinced of the natural pain relieving effect. He

consumes CBD because of his fibromyalgia (chronic muscle pain).

Does CBD help with sleep disorders? There is currently no drug with CBD that is

approved for sleep disorders. The authority has not yet sufficiently proven

whether CBD is the perfect choice to increase the quality of sleep on a plant


A celebrity, the CBD for

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maintain their quality of life in the best possible way despite the disease.

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May 12, 2020

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